WATCH: ‘Puppy Conan’ Video With Donald Trump, El Chapo, & Sia as Dogs

Take a quick break from all the adorable and funny Super Bowl ads to watch this adorable and funny video from Conan. Team Coco produced their fifth parody of the annual Puppy Bowl, which they’ve creatively named ‘Puppy Conan,’ and it will make your day.

Get ready for some dogs in wigs as Puppy Andy and Puppy Conan are wheeled out on a miniature set. Puppy Andy’s side-swept hair is luxurious, but still cannot compete with Puppy Conan’s beautiful red wave. Conan wonders aloud why Puppy Andy is better behaved than human Andy, and Andy remarks that his doggie counterpart is revealing quite a bit of his, shall we say, physical attributes. The dogs are joined by Puppy Larry King in his trademark denim and suspenders ensemble. Puppy Sia arrives in a black and white bob wig and stirs up a bit of excitement. The unpredictable nature of these animal sketches always provides an extra layer of hilarity.

Puppy Carly Fiorina trots out in a resplendent hairdo and red dress and looks eerily similar to the political candidate she is portraying. Conan offers up a side-by-side comparison. Puppy El Chapo is played by a chihuahua, of course, who is almost as elusive as the real-life Mexican druglord. The pup needs a little bit of extra coaxing by Andy to face the audience. Conan is laughing so hard at seeing “one of his favorites” that he almost goes into a coughing fit.

The pup de resistance is Puppy Donald Trump. It would be funny enough to bring out an English bulldog wearing a Trump wig, but Conan and his staff found a way to enhance the visual even further. Don’t let us spoil it for you if you haven’t watched the video yet! And don’t watch the video with a full bladder.

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