WATCH: Skittles Super Bowl 2016 Commercial With Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler

“Alright let’s do this, I got minds to twist and values to warp.” Steven Tyler may have just spoken the next great yearbook quote in this 2016 Super Bowl commercial for Skittles candy. The Aerosmith frontman witnesses the unveiling of a portrait made in his likeness out of Skittles pieces. He is not impressed, and scats a few words in his famous style to express his disgust.

The portrait of Steven, much like talking beer taps and singing sheep, comes to life in a whimsical way. Super Bowl ads are definitely about suspending our disbelief and going along with the wackiest of situations. It sounds like a Steven Tyler impersonator is doing the voice of the Skittles painting, and not Tyler himself, giving Tyler the opportunity to judge the portrait’s talents even more harshly. The anthropomorphized art fires off a few bars of Aerosmith’s hit “Dream On,” while Tyler demands that it try harder to hit the high notes. When it does, the portrait explodes into millions of Skittles piece, leaving only those familiar Steven Tyler lips left intact on the floor.

We are noticing a trend in classic rock songs of the 70s and 80s being featured in this year’s Super Bowl 50 ads. Aside from “Dream On,” the Acura NSX included Van Halen’s “Runnin’ With the Devil,” and Honda’s sheep sang along to Queen with “Somebody To Love.”