WATCH: Snoop Dogg Burger King Training Video for New Burger King Hot Dogs

Burger King recently announced that they will be offering hot dogs on their menus by the end of February. Who better to enlist to help spread the word than Snoop Dogg? Burger King played it off like this was an “internal training video” that was accidentally leaked to the public. But they uploaded it to their YouTube channel so we know it’s part of a larger marketing campaign.

Watch as the D-O-double-G crams more acronyms, dog metaphors, and Snoopisms into this commercial than you can cram pork bits into a wiener casing.

As a bonus, here is the Charo video also mentioned in the above tweet. Something tells me her outfit wouldn’t pass USDA regulations in a fast food kitchen.

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1 Comment


Snoop dog for BK….just sprinkle a few crack rocks on the dog, light it on fire, and shove it up your ass! Such a homo.

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