Super Bowl Recipes 2016: Top 10 Best Easy Party Dips to Make

Super Bowl 2016 is almost here, and while the football and the commercials are indeed super, we're most excited for the snacks. A great dip is a staple at Super Bowl parties. You want to serve food that feels lively and fun, that you can eat with your fingers, and that doesn't require too much fussing with once it's out on the table. Dips succeed on all fronts. They're creamy and indulgent, and can be salty and savory or made to satisfy a sweet tooth.

As the host or hostess, you want to enjoy yourself on game day too. There's no need to be stuck in the kitchen all afternoon prepping these dips. They're fast, easy, and above all, tasty. You should have plenty of crackers, chips, fresh veggies, fruit slices, and breads on hand because your guests are going to scoop up every last bit in the bowl with any of these recipes.

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Let's start off with this hot spinach and artichoke dip, one of the most popular snack options for football-viewing parties, or any party really. This recipe comes together quickly but won't soon be forgotten by your guests.

Then click through our gallery of more amazing dip recipes.