WATCH: Taco Bell Quesalupa Super Bowl Commercial, Secret Menu Item Revealed

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Taco Bell unveiled its much-hyped secret menu item to the world in their 2016 Super Bowl commercial. Drumroll please…it is the quesalupa. Here’s the extended version of the official advertisement that aired today during the game:

The company released three teasers online in the days leading up to the Big Game. They featured James Harden of the Houston Rockets, television personality & alien conspiracy enthusiast Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, and Forth Worth lawyer Bryan Wilson aka “The Texas Law Hawk.”

Taco Bell had been taking pre-orders on its website for this mystery item, with pickup available yesterday, February 6th. The quesalupa gets added to the menu nationwide on Monday, February 8th. People were pre-purchasing the food for pickup sight unseen, although Taco Bell listed the ingredients on the site for those with food allergies to know what they were getting themselves into. Pickups were between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday. That gave anyone who ate the quesalupa plenty of time to run to the internet and kill the suspense for everyone else.

Early reviews of the quesalupa are hitting the internet. Amusingly, Taco Bell gave away its own secret to consumers who pre-ordered by sending out an automated e-mail confirming the number of quesalupas that would be waiting for them at the store.

Some folks had already figured out what the enigmatic item was going to be, due to the fast food chain’s market testing last spring. Still, it’s been fun watching many others be surprised and buy into the promotional blitz and tweet their excitement.

You can check out the three teasers that Taco Bell released here.