WATCH: Toyota Prius Super Bowl Commercial 2016 With ‘The Wire’ Actors

Check out the Prius Super Bowl Commercial for 2016 in the video above.

The ad features some recognizable actors. Or maybe you’re scratching your head but you can’t quite figure out how you know them. Pablo Schreiber, known for his role as prison guard George “Pornstache” Mendez in Orange Is The New Black, is one of the fumbling bank robbers. You might also recognize character actor Chris Bauer, who played Andy Bellefleur in True Blood. James Ransone, the guy driving the Prius, is notable for his role in the Sinister movies.

Eagle eye viewers were most excited however that three of the Prius commercial robbers are reunited from their days acting together in The Wire. Ransone, Bauer, and Schreiber were part of the Sobotka clan, who got in over their heads as “bad guys” during the second season of the Baltimore-set crime series. Family reunion! This ad is a kinder, gentler, version of their criminal hijinks on the Charm City docks, however.

The Prius advertisement shows the car whipping through the streets of Chicago. Everyone from the police to newscasters are surprised at how fast the Prius can go, which is the underlying theme of the whole video clip. The daring escape attempt by the robbers captures the hearts of fans worldwide and makes them heroes. While they’re continuing to elude the cops, they get into various situations where the Prius safety features and whisper-quiet engine are called upon to save them.