Valentine’s Day 2016 Recipes: Best Easy Dessert Ideas

Easy Valentine's Day Desserts

Romance is in the air! Or is that the smell of freshly baked cookies? We can't tell with all of these easy dessert recipes getting us in the mood for Valentine's Day. Even if you think you don't have that much time left before the holiday is upon us, you can still whip up something delicious and thoughtful to treat your valentine (and yourself). These recipes are all super simple and require minimal ingredients and effort. You don't even need to turn on the oven for some of them.

Start off with the classic: chocolate-covered strawberries. These confections epitomize the "romantic" dessert. Both chocolate and strawberries are on many lists for aphrodisiac foods, so it's only natural that they come together deliciously on a holiday celebrating love. They're also really easy to make. Check out this recipe shown in the photo above to make semisweet chocolate-covered and white chocolate coated strawberries with fancy drizzles.

Now click through our gallery for more quick and tasty desserts that will work better than Cupid's arrow.