WATCH: Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl Commercial With Scott Baio & Aliens

Avocados From Mexico had teased previously that Scott Baio would “star” in its 2016 Super Bowl commercial. The full ad has now been released online, and we can say that Scott’s contribution to the ad is minimal at best.

The premise is that aliens in space are taking a museum tour of Earth’s bounties, and Avocados From Mexico goes for the funny bone with pop culture references including #TheDress, a Rubik’s cube, and the aforementioned Scott Baio. The aliens are of the friendly, colorful sci-fi variety. No creepy giant soulless black eyes from Area 51 here. Just blue skin, extra fur, fish heads, and a couple of tentacles. They are amused by what Earthlings considered precious, and scoff at the 21st century torture device known as…an airplane.

Baio has no lines in the ad and merely stands behind glass in a polo shirt and jeans. He shares about three seconds of screen time with the aliens as they continue on their way through the museum. Baio seems comfortable with being not much more than a punchline at this point in his career. This is, after all, the man who starred in a television show called Scott Baio Is 45…And Single.

When the intergalactic tourists arrive at the avocado tree exhibit, their guide offers, “Anybody wanna feed Scott Baio, it’s included in the price of admission? No?” There are no takers. It could be because the aliens have no interest in sharing their delicious chips and guacamole, or, like us, they have no interest in Scott Baio.

Avocados have grown astronomically in popularity in the last couple of decades. The fruit will see its largest spike in sales of the year for the Super Bowl.