WATCH: Heinz Super Bowl 2016 Hot Dog Commercial ‘Wiener Stampede’

Hot dog costumes! Ketchup bottle costumes! Everyone’s wearing a costume in this adorable yet weird Heinz ad shown above. We’re not given any story line, it’s meant to just be a silly tableau in which hundreds of dachshunds dressed like tiny hot dogs are running towards a line of people dressed like Heinz products. Typical day out in the fields. Harry Nilsson’s ballad “Without You” plays, driving home the message that certain foods are not even worth eating without the Heinz family of condiments added to them.

Heinz is touting their “Meet the Ketchups” marketing campaign in order to raise consumer awareness of their flavored ketchups, mustards, and barbecue sauces. They want you to know that they do more than make regular old tomato ketchup, and they’re willing to pay CBS $5 million to do so. Using the tried and true combination of humor and cuteness in Super Bowl commercials, Heinz succeeds here because no one can resist an adorable little wiener dog all by itself. But a stampede of them?

Heinz goes for the “awww” factor even harder with a toddler dressed like a mini ketchup packet and a wee little wiener puppy running with the stampede. The logistics of the ad must have been interesting. We would love to know if a team of production assistants was waving kibble in the air to convince all of the dogs to keep the film shoot running smoothly. Or maybe they hosed down those ketchup bottle costumes with meat juice? Heinz VP of Marketing Michelle St. Jacques is not giving away the production secrets. She told Mashable:

“It was certainly something that required quite a bit of orchestration in terms of having dozens of wiener dogs. We had to make sure we got them all running in the right direction.”

Watch the extended cut of the commercial here:

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