#FreeChrisChristie: The Tweets You Need to Read

#freechrischristie, #Supertuesday

The Internet couldn’t stop talking about Chris Christie’s hostage situation with Donald Trump on Super Tuesday. These are the best #FreeChrisChristie tweets from the night. (Twitter)

#FreeChrisChristie was the big news of the night on Super Tuesday, as the Internet-verse reacted to what looked like a hostage situation during Donald Trump’s press conference on Tuesday night. Chris Christie, who introduced Trump and then stood awkwardly behind him during his entire speech, looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there. The two have a close, decade-long friendship, but it didn’t look like that last night.

These are the best tweets about the Super Tuesday press conference:

And of course, nothing beats The Sound of Silence:

A couple days later, Chris Christie held a press conference where he insisted that no, he was not being held hostage by Trump on #SuperTuesday. But not everyone believed him: