Top 10 Best Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

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Mother’s Day can either be a special time to celebrate the women who have given you (or your kids!) the gift of life, a day to make her feel loved and special, or it can be just another cheesy gift giving holiday with presents that will be thrown away as soon as the “thank you’s” are said. This year, let the moms in your life know how meaningful their place in your world is by giving a gift that they will love! Gift baskets used to be cheesy and cheap, but these days you can find some really excellent quality gift baskets that are full of gourmet, thoughtful and high quality treats that she will love. We have put together this list for any mom: the foodie, the coffee lover, the chocolate lover, even moms with dietary restrictions.

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1. Ultimate Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket

Ultimate Gourmet, Chocolate Gift Basket, best gift basket, gift mothers day 2016

This gift basket definitely lives up to its name! With over 15 full sized confections from gourmet chocolatier Godiva, any chocolate loving mom will be super thankful for this gift basket. It includes Godiva chocolate bars, truffles, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate covered biscuits and pretzels and even a pack of caramels. No matter what your mom or wife’s favorite kind of chocolate treat, she is sure to be satisfied when she opens up this gigantic basket!

Price: $123.49 and FREE Shipping

Buy the Ultimate Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket here.

2. Gourmet Kosher Picnic Basket

Gourmet, Kosher Picnic Basket, best mothers day gift basket 2016, chocolate, candy

If your mom keeps kosher, this gift basket will be a delight to her on Mother’s Day. It includes a wide variety of sweet kosher treats including cookies, chocolate cordials, chocolate dipped pretzels, caramels, organic hard candies, dried fruits, flavored teas and more. It includes both dairy and non-dairy items to suit any dietary needs. Best of all, it comes in an adorable picnic basket that can be reused or displayed right out on the counter when your mom opens her gift basket.

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Price: $98

Buy the Gourmet Kosher Picnic Basket here.

3. Great Arrivals Gluten Free Gourmet Gift Basket

Great Arrivals, Gluten Free, Gourmet Gift Basket, best gourmet gift basket mothers day, mom 2016

If your mom has a gluten sensitivity or eats a glutenfree diet for any reason, you may be wishing for the perfect gift that will suit her tastes as well as her dietary needs. This gourmet gift basket from Great Arrivals does just that. It is chock full of gluten free treats that your mom will love. There are sweet and savory snacks available, including chocolate peanut butter cups, crackers, chips, jelly beans, sback bars and more. It is all gluten free and ready to make your mom happy this Mothers Day!

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Price: $66.03 and FREE Shipping

Buy the Great Arrivals Gluten Free Gourmet Gift Basket here.

4. Starbucks Coffee, Cocoa and Chocolate Gift Basket

California Delicious Gift Basket, Starbucks Coffee, Cocoa and Chocolate, best mother's day gift 2016, candy

If there is one thing that all moms love, it is coffee! Combine it with chocolate and you have a gift that any mom will love. New moms especially will appreciate this gift basket from Starbucks, as they get used to those infamous sleepless nights. The basket includes three Starbucks coffee blends (House, French and Breakfast), two Starbucks coffee mugs, a box of salted caramel hot chocolate, caramel flavored Via ready-brew coffee, and four spiced chocolate biscotti. She will be able to enjoy this gift long after Mother’s Day is over!

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Price: $103.19 and FREE Shipping

Buy the Starbucks Coffee, Cocoa and Chocolate Gift Basket here.

5. Tuscan Oils Gift Basket

italian olive oil,  Tuscan Oils, Gift Baskets,  best mothers day gift basket 2016

For something a little bit different this Mother’s Day, treat your mom or wife to a trio of artisan quality, gourmet olive oils from Italy. The gift basket includes three large bottles: Biondy and Santi, Tenuta San Guiso and Terra Rosse (Organic). These olive oils take the sunshine and rich culture of Italy and plant them right in your kitchen, with exquisite flavors that you just will not find in any old bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Any foodie will defintiely love this gift on Mother’s Day!

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Price: $165

Buy the Tuscan Oils Gift Basket here.

6. Delectable Delights Delectable Delights, gift basket for wine lovers, mothers day gift basket 2016, best gift for mom knows wine lovers, and it knows what treats they like to snack on while enjoying a glass fo their favorite red or white wine. THis Delectable Delights gift basket is just that – delectable! It comes with some really unique treats that you won’t find in other gift baskets, including parmesan cheese, crackers, cookie brittle, nuts, chocolate truffles, sausage and hot sweet mustard. Any wine lover will really enjoy this basket!

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Price: $39.39

Buy the Delectable Delights gift basket here.

7. Golden State Fruit Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Tray

Golden State Fruit Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Tray, best gift baskets for mom, mothers day gift basket

When it comes to snacking, some people prefer the classic dried fruit and nut combination to anything else. if your mom loves apricots, dates, raisins, plums, almonds, pistachios and more, this #1 best selling fruit & nut basket will do just the trick for Mother’s Day. The basket comes from Golden State Fruit, so you know it is the highest possible quality. It comes with all of the aforementioned fruits and nuts, plus bananas, peaches and more.

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Price: $25.95

Buy the Golden State Fruit Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Tray here.

8. Mother’s Day Gift Basket – Breakfast in Bed

mothers day gift basket, breakfast in bed gift basket, mothers day, gift for mom 2016

What could be better on Mother’s Day than breakfast in bed? This gift basket lets you deliver breakfast in bed to your mom even if you are miles away from each other. Or, if you are close by, you can deliver it in person and cook for her as well! The basket includes a delicious assortment of breakfast treats and staples including coffee, country ham, cheddar biscuit mix, jellies, pancake and waffle mix, and maple syrup.

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Price: $89.99 and FREE Shipping

Buy the Mother’s Day Gift Basket – Breakfast in Bed here.

9. Healthy Treats Gift Basket

Healthy Treats Gift Basket, best gift basket for mothers day 2016

Healthy eaters can feel left out on gift-giving holidays like Mothers Day, which are so often flooded with treats like chocolate, cake, candy, etc. This gift basket will show your mom that you love her and care about her health concerns without pressuring her to eat unhealthy, sugary treats! It comes with banana strawberry tail mix, pita chips in parmesan garlic and herb flavors, almond cashew clusters, Chichester snack mix and an Orchard Bar in pineapple coconut and mango flavor. It also comes with a keepsake basket that can be reused inside the home.

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Price: $42.99

Buy the Healthy Treats Gift Basket here.

10. Savory Snacking Gift Basket Savory Snacking Gift Basket, best gift basket for mothers day 2016

While some people prefer sweet treats, some would rather go for savory or salty snacks. This savory gift basket from is full of delicious non-sweet treats such as spicy almonds, French olives, parmesan peppercorn cheese and pepper flavored water crackers. She can either snack on these herself or share them with friends at a cocktail party or over a glass of wine. Either way, it is perfect for Mother’s Day.

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Price: $24.99

Buy the Savory Snacking Gift Basket here.

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