Top 10 Best Weed Themed 420 Gifts for Stoners

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Another year, another 420! April 20th is a special time of year for stoners – a time to celebrate your favorite past time and your friendships while having some good ole’ fashioned fun. Maybe you are the kind of person who likes to plan ahead and you will be attending or hosting a party for 420, or perhaps you prefer just to kick back with your buds and hang out and relax, maybe with a picnic in the park or a smoke session on the back porch. Either way, we have put together a list of some of the best gifts for yourself or for your friends that can really enhance your 420 experience. In this list you will find munchies, gift cards, entertaining gadgets, and more. Many of the gifts on this list are delivered wirelessly to your computer or tablet, so they can be enjoyed right away. Happy 420!

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1. Amazon Prime membership

amazon prime stoner gift 420

The quickest and easiest gift for stoners on 420 is a year’s membership to Amazon Prime, and this is a gift that you can enjoy right away. As you know, Amazon Prime gives you free, fast shipping but there are a ton of other features that you can use right now on 420 as well. You can stream TVs and movies as much as you want, 24/7 and listen to any of the 1 million songs in their music library. Or if you prefer to get stoned and read, there are over 800 thousand free ebooks included with Prime as well.

Price: $99

Become an Amazon Prime member here.

2. Dominos Pizza E-Gift Card

dominos pizza gift card 420 gift presents best weed stoner gift

420 and pizza go together like peas and carrots! What could be a better gift than a nice big slice of pizza – or 20? This gift card for Domonos Pizza is delivered to your email so there is no wait time, you can gift it to yourself or a friend and start ordering your delivery just a few seconds later.

Prefer Papa Johns? Click here for an e-gift card from PJ’s.

Price: $25, or any amount you choose

Buy the Dominos gift card here.

3. Cold Stone Creamery E-Gift Card

cold stone creamery gift card ice cream best gifts for 420 stoner weed  marijuana

If you want something a little sweeter on 420, head over to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream. Try and see if you can avoid getting an ice cream when you smell those waffle cones cooking… it is doubtful! You will definitely want try out the cake batter ice cream, and you can get treats mixed in like M&M’s, brownie chunks, Oreos, etc. Make sure you are armed and ready with this gift card, which is also delivered wirelessly to your email so you can print it out or just bring it up on your smartphone when you check out.

For more ice cream, browse gift cards here.

Price: $25 or any amount you choose

Buy the Cold Stone gift card here.

4. Pizzacraft Pizza Cone Maker

pizza cone maker best stoner gift weed marijuana cannabis

If you can’t decide between ice cream and pizza, this pizza cone maker is perfect for your 420 celebration! With this kit you can make a homemade pizza in a waffle cone style. Just roll out your dough, cut it with the cone shapped dough cutter, roll it around the cone mold and bake like you would a regular pizza crust. Fill it up with sauce, cheese and toppings and you are good to go! You can use it for other snacks, too – falafel, gyros, cheesecake, churros filled with ice cream – the possibilities are endless!

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Price: $14.99 (52 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Pizza Cone Maker here.

6. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf E-Gift Card

coffee bean and tea leaf gift card 420 stoner gift marijuana weed cannabis

If you are getting a little too relaxed with all of the pizza, ice cream and 420 celebration, you may want to head over to Coffee Bean for a pick-me-up. This gift card is also digital, so there is no shipping required. You can keep it indefinitely and continue adding to the balance as needed. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Want to see more coffee related gifts? Browse coffee merch here.

Price: $25 or any amount you choose

Buy the Coffee Bean gift card here.

7. Cheesecake Factory E-Gift Card

420 gift for stoners weed marijuana gift card cannabis cheesecake factory

One final option for munchies on 420 is a fancy dinner at Cheesecake Factory. We could not think of a more perfect restaurant for a 420 night out – Cheesecake factory has the best desserts around, the food is excellent and their portions are fit for a stoner. You can have even cheesecake for both dinner and dessert if you want!

Want more restaurant options? Click here for more gift cards.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Cheesecake Factory E-Gift Card here.

8. Parrot Uncle Laser Star Projector

 Parrot Uncle 270 Degree Rotating Laser Twilight Stars Hollogram Projector - Constellation, Nebula & Galaxy Projection Plus White and Black USB Light Bulb as Gift  stoner gifts 420 best weed presents

Do you remember star projectors from when you were little? They used to be little more than fancy night lights, or a lamp shade with holes poked in it to project tiny bits of light onto your walls and ceiling. This laser projector from Parrot Uncle takes it to a whole new level. The projection surface is adjustable so you can have a star show on one wall or in the entire room if you want. This would be the perfect gift to set the mood for a nice relaxing night on 420. Just set the show up, sit back and chill!

Want to see more stoner friendly lamps? Browse star lamps here here.

Price: $109.35 & FREE Shipping (35 percent off MSRP)

Buy Parrot Uncle Laser Star Projecter here.

9. The End of Marijuana Prohibition Benefit Ball with the Grateful Dead Poster/h2>
grateful dead prohibition poster 420 marijuana stoner gift weed cannabis

This piece of stoner memorabilia would look great in any 420 themed room or household. It commemorates the 1966 concert that the Grateful Dead put on to raise money to end the prohibition on marijuana. With cannabis becoming legal or decriminalized all around the country, this year’s 420 is a great time to celebrate how far we have come! The poster is a reproduction of the original, hand printed on a 19th century printing press so each one is unique.

Browse more Grateful Dead gifts here.

Price: $16.99

Buy the Benefit Ball Poster here.

10. Subscription to High Times Magazine

high times magazine subscription, best weed gifts for stoners, cannabis marijuana gift

If you are reading this on 420 and you don’t have a subscription to High Times yet, you need to get one! While you are at it, get one for your friends you are celebrating with as well. High Times has been celebrating the 420 lifestyle and spreading much needed awareness about cannabis since 1974 and they continue to be one of the largest publications about weed in the world. You can count on excellent articles, photo essays, cannabis related news and more inside every single issue.

For more High Times publications, click here.

Price: $29.99 ($2.50 per issue)

Buy a subscription to High Times here.

10. Weeds Complete Collection

weeds tv show cannabis 420 best gift stoner marijuana weed cannabis

For the friend who loves cannabis and a good TV show, the Weeds complete collection would be a great gift on 420. This Blu Ray disc set comes with every single episode of Weeds – all 8 seasons and 102 episodes! It is also available as a digital copy so you can watch it on your computer without having to use the disc. Even better, you don’t have to wait for shipping to start watching!

For more TV collections, click here.

Price: $72.97

Buy the Weeds Complete Collection here.

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