Top 7 Products to Modernize Your Interior Design

Have you looked around your home or apartment recently and thought to yourself, “How did it get this bad?” Don’t worry — you don’t have to live in a dated home any longer. With just a few design tweaks, you can transform outdated rooms into modern, sophisticated living spaces that are worthy of a magazine cover.

1. Floating Shelves

4-Piece-Floating-Wall-Shelf-Set-BRSD6310One of the most popular trends in modern home design right now is the use of floating shelves. There are a variety of different styles, but the defining characteristic of a floating shelf is the appearance that it’s “floating” on the wall. This look is achieved by hiding the support mechanisms in the actual shelf. Check out these options to see if there are any designs that will fit the style you’re going for.

2. Fire Ball Set


The gas fireplace has become a quintessential element of modern home design. However, the traditional logs you purchase don’t always align with your vision for the room. The solution? Consider a fire ball set for a unique look that screams sophistication and provides the room with an aesthetically pleasing glow.

3. Chic Area Rug


One of the most underutilized design spaces in the home is the floor. People wrongly assume that there’s nothing to do after the original flooring material (i.e. hardwood, tile, or carpet) has been installed. Well, have you considered an area rug? A small 3×5 foot sheepskin area rug can bring some attention to the floor and provide a splash of visual separation.

4. Sleek Dining Table


Like it or not, your kitchen dining table will always be one of the focal points of your interior design. It’s one of the largest furnishings in the home and is typically placed in an extremely visible and highly trafficked location. As such, it’s imperative that you find a table that’s both functional and stylish. Today’s hottest trends include glass tabletops, steel frames, and the combination of wood and steel.

5. Smart Lighting


Lighting has the potential to make or break your interior design. Sadly, though, most people don’t ever think about lighting as a design solution. It’s time to change this. There are dozens of different smart lighting products now on the market, which allow you to totally customize the lighting in every room of your home. From brightness to color, every room can take on a look and feel of its own. Find a smart LED light solution that you like and try it out.

6. Wall Art


Wall art is what ties a room together. You don’t need to go overboard, but a few well-placed pieces of art can do a nice job of completing the look of your home. Abstract art pieces have long been considered a classic staple of modern design. Large canvases or even gallery walls consisting of smaller pieces can be tasteful in the right environment.

7. Wall Accents


Modern design takes a completely unique approach to interior design. It attempts to break out of the traditional mold and try completely new things. For example, standard paintings, frames, clocks, and photographs aren’t the only things that can be hung on the wall. Other items – called wall accents – can be included to add more texture and create unique styles. Here are a few examples of modern wall accents to spark your creative side.

It’s Time to Modernize

An outdated home isn’t just boring to look at – it can actually affect how you think and feel. When you’re immersed in antiquated furnishings and outdated design elements, creativity goes by the wayside.

Check out these seven interior design products and ideas to modernize your living spaces…starting today!


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