Top 10 Best Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Cards

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Are you still looking for a gift for your dad or husband for Father’s Day? June is such a busy time with school coming to an end, summer in the air and everyone anxious to get vacations started, but it is no reason to forget Father’s Day. Even if you do not have time to go out and shop for a gift or even wait for shipping, you still want to make the dads in your life feel good on their special day. Gift cards are a perfect last minute gift. They are fast, easy and let you show him that you know his tastes while still allowing him to choose the perfect gift for himself. The gift cards in this list are for experiences, things or foods that dads love, and are customizable so that they can fit any budget. Best of all, they are delivered electronically so you can send them to your own email and print them out, or send them directly to your dad or husband! You can of course also get him a Father’s Day themed gift card from, where he can find anything from movies and books to clothing, sporting equipment and anything else that suits his fancy!

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1. Jiffy Lube – Special Father’s Day Sale

jiffy lube gift card, best last minute fathers day gift is having a special deal on Jiffy Lube E-gift cards for Father’s Day. Use the discount code JIFFYLUBE to get $10 back when you spend $50 or up. This would be a great gift for any dad, whether he is a car lover or not, because we all need oil changes! Getting his car serviced can be a hassle, but with this gift card it will be easy as pie.

Price: $100, or any amount you choose

Buy the Jiffy Lube gift card here.

2. Whole Foods

whole foods gift card, best fathers day gift, last minute present

If your dad loves healthy, fresh and delicious food, a Whole Foods gift card is just the thing to get him for Father’s Day. He can spend it on whatever he wants – gourmet organic desserts, hot food from the cafe, or even regular groceries. Any foodie dad will love this gift for Father’s Day.

Price: $100, or any amount you choose

Buy the Sephora gift card here.

3. Gap Options

best last minute fathers day, gift card, gap, banana republic, athleta, old navy

If your dad is a stylish guy who likes to dress well, or even if he could use a bit of style in his wardrobe, he will appreciate this flexible gift card from Gap. It is called the Gap Options card, and can be used at Gap or any other retailer they are associated with, including Banana Republic, Athleta, and Old Navy. He could use it to buy clothes for himself, or for his kids at any of these stores.

Price: $100, or any amount you choose

Buy the Gap Options gift card here.

4. AMC Theaters

amc movie theaters, gift card fathers day, last minute present

For a dad who loves the movies, an AMC gift card is definitely the right choice for Father’s Day. Take him out for a night on the town, or let him use the gift card whenever he chooses to see his favorite new movies. Depending on the amount you give him on the card, he can ue it over and over again to see multiple shows. He will love it!

Price: $100, or any amount you choose

Buy the AMC gift card here.

5. Dominos Pizza

dominos pizza gift card, last minute fathers day gift

Does your dad love pizza? Instead of getting him a cheesy gift like a tie or set of cufflinks, get him something truly cheesy that he will love – Dominos Pizza! This gift card will be a lifesaver to him any time the craving for pizza comes up, and he will think of you every time he eats it!

Price: $100, or any amount you choose

Buy the Dominos gift card here.

6. Safeway

safway groceries, last minute fathers day, gift card

Dads, especially new dads, have extremely busy lives these days. The struggle to balance work and family life can be difficult and stressful, and may not leave him much time to do the basic necessities that he needs to take care of himself, like grocery shopping! If you get him a gift card from Safeway for Father’s Day, he can use it to shop online and have his groceries delivered right to his door. He can even use it at work to get office snacks.

Price: $100, or any amount you choose

Buy the Safeway gift card here.

7. Outback Steakhouse

outback steakhouse gift card, last minute fathers day gift

Treat dad to a nice big steak dinner on Father’s Day with this gift card from Outback Steakhouse. He can get himself a delicious AUssie style steak dinner, even with a bloomin’ onion if he wants. This is a great gift for anyone who is not in the same town or state as their dad, because if allows you to take him out to dinner even if you can not be there with him for the meal.

Price: $100, or any amount you choose

Buy the Outback gift card here.

8. Texas Roadhouse

texas roadhouse bbq, gift card, last minute fathers day

If your dad is more of a Texas style eater, get him a meal at the Texas Roadhouse. He can enjoy all of his favorites from this awesome restaurant including all different kinds of Texas Style BBQ as well as comfort foods like buttered corn, mashed potatoes and green beans.

Price: $100, or any amount you choose

Buy the Texas Roadhouse gift card here.

9. Hyatt

hyatt hotel gift card, best last minute gift, fathers day

Your dad or husband is probably in need of a nice vacation. To let him know that you appreciate all he does for your family, treat him to a stay in the hotel of his choice this Father’s Day He can spend his Hyatt gift card wherever he wants, whether it is a staycation in your home town, a favorite vacation spot, or someplace new he has been wanting to visit. You can even use it for a family vacation and go on the trip with him. He will definitely appreciate this gift and the time you spend together.

Price: $100, or any amount you choose

Buy the Hyatt gift card here.

10. Hooters

hooters gift card, best last minute gift, fathrs day

Finally, here is a gift that any man will love! Whether you give it as a gag gift or not, you will get a good laugh from your father or husband with a Hooter’s gift card on Father’s Day. This could be a really fun gift to give any dad. And hey – they have awesome chicken wings too!

Price: $100, or any amount you choose

Buy the gift card here.

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