Thanksgiving 2016: Is Taco Bell Open Today?

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For those of you craving a taco on Thanksgiving Day, you’ll need to check your local store’s hours to find out if a Taco Bell near you is open. While many Taco Bell locations are closed in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, some will stay open, and close early, on November 24.

What about other stores? Nearly all Cumberland Farms stores will be open today and will be offering free coffee to those traveling for the holidays. Most Kmart stores will also be opening up at 6am, but closing hours vary. You can check your local Kmart hours here.

Taco Bell is a fast-food chain of the Tex-Mex variety. The company was founded in California in 1946, and operates in a variety of countries today, like Australia, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Greece, India, Japan, and more. This week, Taco Bell introduced its first-ever queso dip. According to Fox News, the cheese sauce is available as a stand-alone option or part of a two new-limited menu items. In a recently released statement, the chain said, “We took our time perfecting the recipe, going through 20-plus versions until we reached the perfect flavor and level of spice. In the end, we think we got to the perfect combination of sharp and creamy indulgence balanced with good spice and acidity from the peppers and spices.”



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