2016 Expectations vs. Reality: 10 Best Memes and GIFs


Are you ready for 2017? (Getty)

Ahhhh…. 2016 is coming to a close and, for some people, the end of the year couldn’t be more welcome. With celebrity deaths, terrorist attacks, social upheaval and crazy political events, some people are just really glad to say goodbye to this year and hello to 2017. These are the best memes and GIFs about what our expectations for 2016 were versus how it all ended up. Can you relate?

Some started out with hope, only to end up losing:

Others can relate to this video a little too well:

Then there’s this picture:

If you don’t like Lemon flavor, this feels all too familiar:

Just wait for it…

How many have had this happen?

The year did indeed start out feeling pretty good:

And not everyone was the success they expected:

For those who don’t like Trump, this one rings home. But if you did support him, then you’re probably feeling a lot better about the end of 2016:

However you feel about 2016, the new year is a great opportunity to start fresh, with a clean slate. Are you ready for 2017?

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