New Year’s Eve & Day 2016-2017: Is Kmart Open Today?

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While most Kmart stores are open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, some store hours will vary. You’ll need to click here to double-check your local Kmart store’s hours to make sure it’s open.

Within the first year of operation, Kmart corporate sales reached $483 million, according to the New York Times. In 2005, the chain purchased Sears for $11 billion, forming a company called Sears Holdings Corporation. As of 2002, Kmart was the second largest US discount retailer behind Wal-Mart, with hundreds of outlets in all 50 states.

Over a century ago, S.S. Kresge founded a small five-and-time store in Detroit. His modest stores became the only alternative for families plagued by war and depressions, and after ten years of operation, Kresge was able to open a store in America’s first suburban shopping center in Kansas City, Missouri. Kmart has since grown to have a presence in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

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