Is Rite Aid Open on Christmas Day This Year?

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(Rite Aid)

If you’re hoping to stop at Rite Aid today, the store will be open. However, if you are trying to pick up medicine at the pharmacy inside, you will have to wait. The pharmacy area of the store is closed.

Additional drug and convenience stores that are open for the holiday include:

Walgreens – On Christmas Day, most Walgreens locations will remain open, some all day, and others with special holiday hours.

CVS – CVS stores will be open, but may be operating on a limited holiday schedule.

Family Dollar – Family Dollar has food items, miscellaneous goods and other last-minute finds. It will be open on Christmas.

Sheetz – Sheetz is a gas station as well as convenience store and it is open on Christmas Day.

Some stores and companies this year are observing the holiday tomorrow on Monday, December 26, 2016 as well, since Christmas falls on a Sunday. The post office, for example, will be closed and no mail will be delivered. Most shopping stores and malls will be open.

To find a Rite Aid near you, click here to search the store locations.

And, if you are using Rite Aid’s online store, use the discount code NEWYEAR for 20% off your order. Exclusions apply.

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