Inauguration Day 2017 Drinking Games: Best Ideas to Get Drunk for President Trump

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President-elect of The United States Donald J. Trump and first lady-elect of The United States Melania Trump arrive at the “Make America Great Again Welcome Celebration” concert at the Lincoln Memorial in January 19, 2017 in Washington, D.C. (Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images)

At noon today, Donald J. Trump will officially become the 45th President of the United States. Whether you are celebrating or mourning, here are fun drinking game ideas for Trump’s inaugural address and more. According to his Twitter account, Trump personally wrote the speech over the holidays while at his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

This knowledge sparked Redditors to consider what a drinking game to Trump’s inaugural address would be like. Here are the best ideas on when to drink:

Drinks with Donnie by bLbGoldeN & Others

Yes, my lord: If Donald compliments himself, everyone must bow. The last person to bow downs their drink.
Glorious orator: If Trumpy forgets his speech and goes on a tangent, the first person to say: “Excellent point!” is allowed to assign two sips to anyone.
Wait, what? Everyone drinks when Donald Trump contradicts himself within one minute.
Wordator extraordinaire: When Donny Don invents a word, the youngest person drinks any amount they want. Everyone else must take as many sips.
Splitting hairs: If T-Dog mentions his hair, the oldest person drinks any amount they want. Everyone else must take as many sips.
Make America Drink Again: When Donaldine Trumpet says “Make America Great Again”, everybody takes a shot.
Unbelievable: If the words “you would not believe” are uttered, everyone present must reply “We believe!”, with the last person taking not one, but two shots.
I believe I can fly: Every time Donny does this 👐 gesture, everyone takes a sip.
I’m orating here: Every time His Orangeness makes this 👌 gesture, everyone present must point at the hand making the gesture and nod. If you do not, take a drink.
Affirmative Action: Every time that Trump says “Fake News” everyone exclaims “It’s True!”, last person takes a sip.
We are number One: Take a sip every time he alternates between the☝️&👌 gestures.
It’s Yuge: Drink whenever Donald talks about any of his body parts (hands, penis, brain, etc.)
Handy Man: Every time Trump mentions his hands, take a shot.
Sore Winner: Take a drink every time Clinton or a primary opponent is mentioned.
Walled Off: On every mention of a border wall, the person with the most left in their glass drinks. Everyone else speaks in Spanish for 5 seconds.
Are You Not Entertained? In the unlikely and unfortunate event of violence breaking out during his speech, everyone must drink all of the alcohol in the house. It’s going to be a long presidency.

Twitter also shared “official” rules for Inauguration Day drinking.

If you do participate in any drinking on Inauguration Day remember to know your limit and to never drive.

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