Guy Caught Breaking Into an Apartment has Worst Excuse Ever [VIDEO]

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A man who was trying to break into his neighbor’s apartment didn’t know his neighbor was watching—and filming—the entire time. When caught, the would-be robber has the worst excuse ever, “dude.”

For the first 30-seconds of the nearly 2-minute video, the apartment owner films his neighbor through the door peephole. Finally, he opens the door—much to the surprise of the neighbor.

The man immediately starts smacking around the would-be robber, who makes the claim to his neighbor that, “Dude, I wasn’t doing anything, I promise.” He then says that his door is broken and that he was trying to figure out how to open another similar door, in hopes of fixing his.

The neighbor doesn’t buy it and continues to slap the man around until he lets him go.

The video was shared twice on Reddit, but originally on the “PublicFreakout” subreddit. However, people there claimed that the video appeared staged.

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