Top 10 Best Fair Trade Jewelry Gifts for Her

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Any day is a great day to buy a special gift for your wife or girlfriend, but if she has a birthday coming up or your anniversary is on the horizon, it is definitely time to stat thinking of a unique gift that she will love. Jewelry always makes a statement – You can show her how mcuh you care and that you appreciate her unique style. Some women’s jewelry can be a bit on the cliche side, though, with so many hearts, diamonds, pearls and other typical designs. A lot of this jewelry, especially cheap pieces, is made with inferior materials by people who are stuck in poverty. Fair Trade Certified jewelry takes a different approach. These designs are hand crafted by talented artisans who are not exploited but rather compensated fairly for their artistry and handiwork. Fair Trade designs reflect a unique blend of cultural motifs and modern fashion. If your sweetheart is a unique, creative, spirited woman, you should get her jewelry that reflects her personality instead of something bland and cliche. Fair Trade Certified jewelry doesn’t just feel good to give, it is wonderful to receive because each piece is truly unique and gorgeous.

This list contains some of our favorite Fair Trade Certified jewelry pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and jewelry sets. You will find a whole range of styles, cultures and materials represented in this list, and there is something to match every budget. All of the pieces below are eligible for Amazon Prime shipping so that you have time for them to arrive, even if you are a last minute shopper. If you do not see the perfect piece of jewelry below, click here to browse all Fair Trade Certified jewelry.

1. Best Gold Necklace: NOVICA 21k Yellow Gold Plated .925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace ‘Gardenia Filigree’, 19.75″

'Gardenia Filigree' novica fai trade necklace, valentines day gift

This gold filigree necklace from Novica is absolutely beautiful, and will make a stunning gift for Valentine’s Day. As partners with National Geographic, Novica is one of the biggest Fair Trade companies out there and the quality of their pieces is always superb. The Gardenia Filigree necklace is hand made out of sterling silver that has been plated with 21k gold. The snake-style chain is 19.75 inches long. This necklace was designed and crafted by South American artisan Giuliana Valz-Gen in the filigree design style of Catacaos, Peru. Purchasing this necklace is not only a way to surprise you girlfriend or wife with a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift. It is, in the words of the artist, “A way to rescue ancestral techniques in gold and silver,” preserving the history and traditions of Andean cultures. If you want to see more necklaces from Novica, click here to browse.

Price: $95 with free shipping

Buy the ‘Gardenia Filigree’ Necklace here.

2. Best Modern Necklace: Mata Traders “Curved Collar” Contemporary Design Necklace

 Mata Traders "Curved Collar" Contemporary Design Necklace , valentines day gift

Mata Traders is a thoroughly modern Fair Trade company that works with craftspeople to produce clothing as well as jewelry. This necklace is extremely affordable, but it will still wow her on Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect necklace for any woman who is worldly, yet in touch with contemporary fashion. This necklace is handmade in India out of powder coated brass. It has a seven to ten inch adjustable chain. This necklace is large enough to make a statement, but the simple design and clean lines keep it from looking gaudy. If you want to see more jewelry options from Mata Traders, click here to browse.

Price: $35

Buy The Benchmark Bouquets 2 Dozen Blushing Beauty Roses here.

3. Best Statement Ring – Mela Artisans Quatro Ring

Mela Artisans Quatro Ring

If you want to make a bold statement on Valentine’s Day, this blue druzy and mother of pearl cocktail ring by Mela Artisans is a nice choice. This handmade ring features a checkerboard design with stones set in 14kt cold. This ring has a clean, classic look but still stands out boldly because of the stunning color combination. If you want to see more exotic designs from Mela Artisans, click here to browse.

Price: $75 with free shipping

Buy the Mela Artisans Quatro Ring here.

4. Best Meditation Ring: Fair Trade Ring Spinning Om Mani Ring

fai trade jewelry, ring, meditation, spinning ring, valentines day gift

Here is a ring that may look simple and plain, but has a secret to it. This ring is constructed of an inner and an outer band, which are separate from each other and can spin independently. This allows the person wearing it to spin the wheel of the ring in meditation. The inner band of this ring reads “Om Mani Padme Hum,” translated as “hail to the jewel in the lotus.” If you want to bring peace and tranquility to your loved one on Valentines Day instead of just another material object, this ring makes a great gift. It also comes in varying sizes and other finishes. Click here to browse more from Fair Trade Goods.

Price: $33

Buy the Spinning Om Mani Ring here.

5. Best Cuff Bracelet – ‘Renewal’ Handmade Silver Cuff Bracelet with Floral Motif

'Renewal' Handmade Silver Cuff Bracelet with Floral Motif, fair trade jewelry, valentines day gift

Here is another piece from Novica that is sure to blow her away. This cuff bracelet is hand made out of 95% pure silver by Thai artist Achara. Achara has been designing, crafting and selling jewelry for over two decades, and her mastery is clearly shown in this intricately carved cuff. She works hand in hand with the hill tribe peoples of Northen Thailand to ensure a living wage and promote their culture across the world. Reviewers rave about this cuff, which is big enough to impress yet not overly flashy. To see more bracelets from Novica, click here to browse.

Price: $135

Buy the ‘Renewal’ Handmade Silver Cuff Bracelet with Floral Motif here.

6. Best Charm Bracelet: ‘Green Deva Dancer’ Yellow Gold Plated Brass and Dyed Green Quartz Beaded Wrap Bracelet

'Green Deva Dancer' Yellow Gold Plated Brass and Dyed Green Quartz Beaded Wrap Bracelet, valentines day gift

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that she can wear with anything, this wrapped charm bracelet is perfect. The quartz and gold beads on this bracelet are a beautiful combination, and the golden plate charms make it really special. This bracelet is beautiful, but not so precious that she will be afraid to wear it every day. This is a perfect gift for her to wear and be reminded of you. It also comes in different color combinations such as earthy browns or aqua blue. Click here to browse more charm bracelets from Novica.

Price: $44

Buy the ‘Green Deva Dancer’ Bracelet here.

7. Best Fashionable Earrings – Mata Traders Fair Trade ‘Threaded Leaf’ Earrings

fai tade jewelry, valentines day gift, mata traders

A simple and lovely pair of earrings such as these from Mata Traders will make a Valentine’s Day gift that she will love and cherish. These earrings may not be very pricey, but they are distinctive and very pretty. They are constricted of gold tone brass wrapped in colored thread with hypoallergenic French wire hooks. These earrings were handmade in India. If you want to see more earrings or find a necklace to match, click here to browse Mata Traders jewelry.

Price: $24

Buy the Fair Trade ‘Threaded Leaf’ Earrings here.

8. Best Silver Earrings: ‘Silver Dove’ Sterling Silver Bird Themed Hoop Earrings

'Silver Dove' Sterling Silver Bird Themed Hoop Earrings

These Sterling Silver bird themed earrings by Novica are my personal favorite item on this list. These earrings are such a unique and lovely design. They do not require a clasp because of the way the hook is designed, and the bird theme is subtle enough that you do not quite notice it from far away. These lovely earrings would be a really nice gift for Valentine’s Day. They are not too big, and would look good with any outfit from casual to work to an evening out. Reviewers love them – nearly every review raves about how unique and pretty they are, and how many compliments they get every time they wear them. If you want to see more Fair Trade earrings and other products with animal themes, click here to see Novica’s full line.

Price: $41

Buy the ‘Silver Dove’ Sterling Silver Bird Themed Hoop Earrings here.

9. Best Statement Jewelry Set: AeraVida Luxurious Green Olive Glass Flower Jewelry Set

 Luxurious Branch Green Olive Glass Flower .925 Sterling Silver Necklace Jewelry Set

If you are shopping for a woman with a truly unique and bold style, this incredible glass necklace and earrings set may be just the right gift. It will definitely take a special kind of woman to rock a necklace like this one, but if your wife or girlfriend has bold style she will love it! The necklace is made out of many small pieces of glass, like a stained glass window that she can wear. AeraVida works with artisans all over the world to produce their Fair Trade jewelry designs, and this particular set was created by a Thai artisan named Lai who has been running he own jewelry design business since age 14. To see more of her designs, click here to browse AeraVida.

Price: $84

Buy the AeraVida Luxurious Green Olive Glass Flower Jewelry Set here.

10. Best Full Jewelry Set: Matr Boomie Fair Trade ‘Buddha Knot’ Cuff, Earrings and Necklace

This set of handmade brass jewelry from Mat Boomie is beautiful worn together or as individual pieces. The set consists of a cuff style bracelet, earrings, and necklace. The necklace is also in a cuff style, and is a truly unique piece of jewelry. Each piece in this set stands well on its own and could be worn in any situation. The set comes in either a rustic gold tone or a rustic silver tone. The set can be purchased as individual pieces as well. To see more fair trade goods from Matr Boomie, click here to browse.

Price: $19 to $30 for each piece

Buy the Buddha Knot bracelet and earrings here, and the necklace here.

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