This Is What a Unicorn Sounds Like [VIDEO]

What does the mythical, horned horse sound like? Musician Andrew Huang recorded it. Above is the viral video he shared on his Twitter account showing a unicorn made out of music notes.

Huang is a YouTube personality with over 600,000 subscribers. He is from Ottawa but currently resides in Toronto with his wife, according to CBS.

Tape Op reports that Huang got his start in music while he was studying at college. Unable to find a part-time job to supplement his education, Huang began to auction off his songwriting skills on eBay.

He soon launched a YouTube channel to share music videos for the songs he created on Songs To Wear Pants To, his website where users could commission songs from him. His career took off with when he added branded merch to sell along with the commissioned songs.

His creative hits have included 99 Red Balloons by Nena played with red balloons, a beat made out of a sniffling Donald Trump, and more. Check out his YouTube channel here.

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