‘Drugged Up’ Girlfriend Covered in Cardboard Boxes So Boyfriend Can Escape to Work [VIDEO]

A clingy girlfriend, possibly on drugs, wouldn’t let her boyfriend leave for work by standing in front of his pickup on a busy road. The boyfriend tried covering her with cardboard boxes to get away. The video was uploaded to YouTube by Randall Todd, whose channel mostly includes dashcam videos like this one.

The video begins with a barely clothed woman standing in front of her boyfriend’s white pickup truck. The woman refuses to let her boyfriend leave for work.

The man repeatedly removes his girlfriend from the front of his pickup with much patience and care. However, the disheveled-looking woman repeatedly runs back after him. At one point the man turns to Todd, who is filming the altercation, and asks him for help “holding” his girlfriend so he can leave for work.

At about 1:30, the man gets his girlfriend to the ground and covers her with nearby cardboard boxes. He then makes a break for it. Unfortunately, the woman catches up to him again.

We never find out if the man gets to work or not.