WATCH: Man Talks Down Street Fight With Insight About ‘Fake Friends’

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A video of a black man who walks up and stops a street fight between two African-American teens is going viral after he gives insight into their “fake friends,” who are recording the fight. The video was shared on YouTube yesterday by Poodieville. We have reached out to Poodieville for more information about the man in the video and its location.

In the video 4-minute video, two teens are shown fighting on the street while their friends record it and laugh. The N-word flies rampant. About 20-seconds in, a man dressed in black comes up and defuses the fight by calling everyone with their phones out “cowards.”

He then points out to the two teenagers fighting that their friends are laughing at them.

After getting a feel for what the fight is about, the man in black asks one of teens who told him to fight the other teen over what information. “Who’s your advisor?” he repeatedly asks the teen.

He then tells the teenagers to stop acting like kids, because they’re not kids anymore, and they’re nearly full-grown men and women. “Don’t make your parents look like this.”

He then forces the teenagers to shake hands.

One YouTube commenter pointed out that the man who stopped the fight may be Muslim, as he addressed one of the filming teens with a traditional Islamic greeting. However, this cannot be confirmed.