Mike Pence & Barron Trump: New Memes Imagine Duo as ‘Jonny Quest’ Heroes

A new trend of memes imagines Vice President Mike Pence as Race Bannon, guardian to Donald Trump's son Barron Trump, who "plays" "Johnny Quest" from the 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoon. The memes have recently become especially popular in the subreddit "Meme Economy," which charts the rise and fall of new memes in a faux stock market fashion. Pence had already been likened to Race Bannon during the election cycle, but the new memes focus on his imaginary relationship with Trump's son, Barron. In the cartoon series, Bannon is a special agent, bodyguard, and pilot from Intelligence One, a secret government organization charged with helping Dr. Benton C. Quest, Johnny Quest's father. In the series, he is also a tutor to Johnny. The meme takes this tone, picturing Pence as an authority figure helping Barron take up the conservative cause in a variety of memes that some may consider offensive. Above, Pence and Barron are shown fighting "illegal aliens," pictured as real aliens.