‘Mormon Missionary’ Has Meltdown on Facebook After Stripper Rejects His Advances [PICS]

mormon missionary stripper utah

(Sean Gallup/Getty Images & Flickr / versageek)

A man claiming to be an ex-Mormon missionary documented his epic meltdown on social media after a stripper in Salt Lake City, Utah he was stalking blocked him on Facebook. Censored screenshots of the meltdown were shared by one of his Facebook friends on Reddit to the “Nice Guys” subreddit, a subreddit dedicated to “the self-proclaimed ‘nice guys’ who are actually manchildren or douches, or who mistake being spineless and pathetic for being nice.”

In the screenshots, an unidentified man documents his attempts to woo and communicate with a stripper at a strip club in South Salt Lake. It starts out innocent enough, with him proclaiming how beautiful the stripper is to her on his Facebook page and how he’s going to bring her flowers.

The man’s sanity eventually unravels after he stalks the stripper and she blocks him on Facebook. See screenshots telling the whole story below. He is blue, she is pink.