Twitter’s New Redesign Makes It Easier to Operate on Multiple Platforms

A look at the new changes on Twitter. (Twitter)

Heeding the feedback of its more than 300 million monthly active users, Twitter announced June 15 that it made some big changes to its interface on various platforms.

The changes are reflected across multiple platforms, including on a desktop at, its mobile application for iOS, Android, TweetDeck and Twitter Lite.

Here are some of the biggest changes to the social media platform that started going into effect this week.

Profiles & Settings Tabs Are Now in 1 Place


One of the biggest changes with the new update is that many of Twitter’s various user options are now located in one specific place. That means the profile tab, additional accounts tab, settings tab and privacy tab are on the same page, making it just one click to get to important options. Twitter calls the new addition a “side navigation menu.”

The alteration had already been made for Android users for almost a year, but now it’s expanded those browsing with iOS.

The change eliminates some of the clutter on the bottom of the app and makes it relatively easier to browse on the app.

“You told us you loved this change on Android last year and we’re excited to now bring it to iOS,” Twitter wrote on its blog.

The Font on Twitter Changed

A more noticeable change is a redesigned typography on the social media platform. The new font, as Twitter wrote on its blog, makes things more consistent.

The text in tweets along has been altered and headlines have been made bolder. Twitter said the changes were to make it easier and more clear to focus on what’s happening at any given time.

But some Twitter users weren’t too happy with the typography change, and they let their displeasure be known. Some people said that it actually makes the text smaller, blurry and more difficult to read.

In addition to updating the font, profile photos are now rounded. That’s a change from the square profile photos that Twitter previously had. The change in shape is to make it clear to users what is being said and who is saying it.

‘Intuitive’ Icons Make Interacting with Tweets Easier

Another change is how users directly respond to tweets.

Feedback from users provided to Twitter showed that those using the platform for the first time often thought that the arrow that previously symbolized “reply” to a tweet was to go back, or delete a tweet. So because of that, Twitter decided to change that questionable arrow to a speech bubble, which obviously means to reply or join in on a conversation.

It redesigned all of its icons, giving them a more modern yet simplistic look. The icons are also lighter in color, which Twitter said makes “seamless” to interact with a tweet.

Users Can Immediately See Interactions with Tweets


Previously, users on Twitter’s mobile application weren’t able to see the update of interaction numbers of a specific tweet right away. With the new design, tweets now update instantly with the number of replies, retweets and likes on the mobile application.

Update Doesn’t Sit Well With Some Users

Almost as soon as the update was made, it was greeted with frustration. Users used the platform to vent their dislike of the newest update with a series of GIFs, memes and satirical tweets.

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