Blue Whale Game on Google Play Mistaken for Blue Whale Challenge

Blue Whale Game


A Blue Whale game on Google Play is being mistaken for the Blue Whale Challenge, a social media “game” that encourages its “players” to commit suicide.

Blue Whale VR is available for download through Google Play and is a virtual reality game that allows users to “Discover blue whale facts through an immersive underwater exploration.” The Blue Whale Challenge is something that is very different — it started on a Russian social networking site called Vkontakte. Basically, users are given “tasks” to complete that range in severity from listening to music to carving a drawing of a whale into your skin using a sharp object. The 50th task is quite alarming, though very straight forward: “Take your life.”

As you can probably imagine, the similarity in names has caused quite a bit of confusion. And while some people have actually downloaded Google Play’s Blue Whale game and enjoyed playing it, others have chosen to leave one-star reviews and boycott the app altogether.

Take a look at some of the negative reviews below.

“Please do not play this game 130 lives committed suicide in Russia. The last task of this game is to commit suicide. Buideik create the game and I think he was can search this type of information on Google. I again said that please do not play this game if you love your life,” wrote one reviewer.

“I hate this game. Please do not play because it s danger. It tell to kill yourself just for a game. I don t agree with that,” wrote another.

“Guys plzzz don’t download this game it’s dangerous and waste ur internet .it will will take u to suicide in the 50th level so beware,” wrote a third.

People who have downloaded the Blue Whale game (or read and understood the game’s description) know that there is a difference between the two things have been posting reviews to try to turn things around for the app, which some people actually enjoy using.

“If you think this is the game about suicide, you’re wrong. It is just a beautiful game that tells you a lot about blue whales. No seriously this is not the suicide game,” wrote one user, leaving a 5-star rating.

“I am sorry for the bad press. people don’t understand that this is not the “blue whale challenge.” This is a vr app. Blue whale is a game that makes you do self harm and acts that can lead to death. Do your research before you DESTROY someone’s work with misinformation and bad reviews,” wrote another.

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