Invisalign Is Trending on Twitter, Memes Take Over

Invisalign trending


On Wednesday afternoon, Invisalign started trending on Twitter and social media users were stumped as to why. The origin of the trend still seems unclear, but Twitter users have taken it upon themselves to find answers. Those answers have come in the form of memes and it does not appear as though anyone actually knows how the strange trend actually started.

For those unfamiliar with Invisalign, it’s a brand that specializes in straightening teeth without a patient needing to get metal braces. The technology came onto the scene in 1997, giving people with crooked teeth an alternative to old-fashioned metal braces, mainly for ease and aesthetic purposes. The products are clear trays that fit over the teeth and can be taken out at any time — they are called “removable aligners.” This allows people to straighten their teeth without being self-conscious about how they look. Of course, this comes with a hefty price tag and is not usually covered by dental insurance (unless a patient has excellent orthodontic coverage).

Since Invisalign began trending on Twitter, users can find a variety of posts using the word by itself or as a hashtag. While some people are baffled about the trend, others are using it to share their experiences with the brand. Perhaps taking an even smarter approach, some dentist offices that offer Invisalign are using the trend to promote their businesses.

Check out some of the best Twitter memes below.

Although it seemed like the interest in the Invisalign trend was going to keep it going for most of the afternoon, it appears as though the trend has already died down. There are still a few people tweeting about it, but it is no longer on the trending topics list. Of course, it could always make another appearance later on in the day.