Top 10 Best Princess Costumes for Halloween 2017

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There are few things more exciting than picking out a Halloween costume. With so many choices, it can make your head spin. You could go as a popular movie character, TV show character, or something entirely created in your head. Luckily, princess costumes fit every single one of these possiblities.

Princesses come in every size, shape, and form. They range from the ethereal, beautiful lady you picture in fairytales, to a dark princess, uninterested in the girly things in life. And, of course, princess costumes are meant for both adults and children.

Below, you’ll find a list of the best princess costumes, covering many types of princesses. Browse it at your leisure.

Adult Princess Costumes

Adult princess costumes come in two forms: Sexy and appropriate for children. Some are based directly on popular princesses, while others embody the name “princess”. Give them a peek below.

1. Best Princess Costume – Princess Peach: Nintendo Super Mario Bros Princess Peach Deluxe Costume

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Super Mario Brothers is one of the most well-loved video game franchises of all-time. They’ve spanned the lifetime of Nintendo, and brought us Mario and Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, and of course, Princess Peach. She was one of the first well-known ladies of video games (other than Mrs. Pacman), and was certainly the cutest. So, put your love for Super Mario into your Halloween costume.

This Princess Peach costume is quite on point. It features a dress with a polyester and olefin overlay, poofy shoulders, and a smooth bodice. You’ll also receive the pictured long, white gloves, as well as the “cartoon-ish” crown. Available in size small (4/6) to plus (18-20). Pair it with some fabulous shoes, and you’ll be a Princess Peach doppleganger.

Price: $35.62 – $87.99

Buy the Nintendo Super Mario Bros Princess Peach Deluxe Costume here.


  • Comes with dress, gloves, and tiara
  • Looks very much like Princess Peach
  • Available in sizes small to plus


  • May have a funky fit – look at size chart

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2. Best Adult Elsa Princess Costume: Women’s Snow Princess

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Let it go, let it go. You know you’re already singing along to that awesome song. Elsa is one of the most beloved new princesses. She speaks to both adults and children alike. Share your love for this ice princess, by dressing up like her for Halloween.

This costume features a gorgeous blue gown, with a detachable plush, faux fur collar. And, it comes with a crown, similar to that of Elsa’s. Made with 100% polyester, and must be hand-washed. Choose from sizes between small and extra large. Just add a blonde wig, (grab one here), or rock your current blonde hair. Hello, Elsa.

If you’re more of an Anna person, check out this awesome costume.

Price: $47.20 – $139.50

Buy the Women’s Snow Princess here.


  • True to size
  • Looks like Elsa from Frozen
  • Comes with a tiara


  • Arms may be a bit tight

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3. Best Princess Costume – Princess Leia: Princess Leia Slave Costume

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Star Wars fans, you know we can’t forget about you. Princess Leia is too much of a BA to leave her out. At one point, she was unfortunately captured and forced into slavery to serve Jabba the Hut. Of course, she wasn’t allowed her normal clothing (but you can snag that here), and was instead made to wear a sexy costume.

If you’re more into showing off that bod (and if you’ve got it, flaunt it on Halloween–as long as there aren’t children nearby!), then this princess costume is for you. It features a bikini top, long maxi skirt, panties, and collar attached to a leash. It’s made of stretchy material, and available in medium, large, and extra large. May the force be with you.

Price: $20.99 – $28.99

Buy the Princess Leia Slave Costume here.


  • Very airy, and will keep you cool
  • Material has stretch, to accommodate for different body types
  • Great price for the quality


  • Not available in a small

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4. Best Princess Costume – Cinderella: Women’s Enchanting Princess Costume

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Cinderella will always and forever hold a special place in our hearts. Heck, most of my friends–guys and girls alike–still love her. There’s just something so magical about a kind girl who comes up from nothing. Let your love shine for this princess’s awesomeness with a beautiful princess costume.

This stunning piece is crafted with satin and brocade, and features an attached peplum and hoop petticoat. It also comes with elbow-length gloves, a jeweled choker, and a sequin tiara. All that’s missing are shoes (get them here), and a blonde updo to top it off (grab a wig to make your life easier).

Really want to put on a show? Have you significant other dress as Princes Charming.

Price: $112.47 – $233.89

Buy the Women’s Enchanting Princess Costume here.


  • Well-crafted, and fits as it should
  • Comes with tiara, choker, and gloves
  • Looks like Cinderella’s ballgown


  • May have to purchase a separate petty coat

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5. Best Sexy Princess Costume: Alpine Princess

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Leg Avenue

Sometimes on Halloween, you just want to wear a sexy princess costume. Instead of finding your favorite character, and modeling your outfit after hers, choose to go with just a regular costume.

This princess costume features velvet and satin, and is a peasant cut dress. Plus, it has a cute trim, thanks to the ribbons and floral accents. Choose from sizes small, medium, and large. Pair it with some thigh highs to really up the vavavoom (get them here). Be the sexy princess you really are.

Price: $17.95 – $104.53

Buy the Alpine Princess here.


  • Well-constructed
  • Can size up for more modest coverage
  • Comfortable


  • Sizing may be off – refer to chart

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Child Princess Costumes

Children’s princess costumes cover the spectrum of princesses. They range from well-known ones like Belle, and Cinderella, to different takes on them, like a medieval princess. Give the list a look to explore further.

6. Best Princess Costume – Princess Aurora: Princess Aurora Party Girls Costume Dress

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Ah Sleeping Beauty, one of the first Disney princesses. She’s very well-known for her beautiful gowns and inability to wake up without her true love’s kiss. Let your Princess Aurora lover revel in this Princess Aurora Party Girls Costume Dress.

It’s made from non-itchy, comfortable fabric–perfect for everyone, especially those with sensory processing issues. Beautiful designs adorn the fabric, and it comes in both blue and pink. Use it both as a halloween costume, and play costume afterwards.

Price: $23.98 – $24.99

Buy the Princess Aurora Party Girls Costume Dress here.


  • Comes in two different colors
  • Beautifully constructed dress
  • Made of high-quality material


  • Jewels may fall out of crown over time

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7. Best Child’s Elsa Princess Costume: Frozen Inspired Dress

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Just like adults, tons of little kids absolutely adore the movie Frozen. Finding the right costume, though, can be a pain in the butt. Unfortunately many of them are cheaply made, leaving you with a sad child.

This princess costume is everything you could want to dress up as Elsa. It features a beautifully-crafted dress, with a side zipper. Plus it comes with a tiara, wand, braids and gloves. Available in sizing for three-year-olds to nine-year-olds.

Is your child more into Anna? Check out this awesome Princess Anna Costume.

Price: $29.95

Buy the Frozen Inspired Dress here.


  • Comes with a tiara, gloves, braids, and a wand
  • Dress is constructed with zipper on the side
  • Made of quality material


  • Spot clean only
  • Requires a bit of assembly

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8. Best Medieval Princess Costume: Medieval Princess Costume

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California Costumes

Not all princesses are in storybooks or movies. Some of them actually lived during the medieval times. And, those princesses often wore something entirely different from the princesses you generally see on TV.

This princess costume is perfect for the child that wants to be the princess she was born to be. It’s made from polyester, so there’s definitely room to stretch. Choose from blue or pink/purple. Sizes range from extra small to extra large. Let your princess greet her kingdom in proper attire.

Price: $18.89 – $54.85

Buy the Medieval Princess Costume here.


  • Well-constructed and made from high quality material
  • Comfortable without causing itchiness
  • Easy to run around in


  • Longer than expected – can easily be hemmed

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9. Best Princess Costume – Belle: Belle Princess Costume

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Dressy Daisy

Princess Belle is one of the most well-known of all Disney princesses. With this year’s remake, many children’s love was ignited for the story of Beauty and the Beast. Finding a princess costume to bring her Halloween desires to life is the goal.

Reach that goal with this beautiful Belle Princess Costume. It’s available in sizes 18 months to eight-to-nine years-old. Designed with extra poofiness, thanks to a four layer skirt. Let your child bring her inner-Belle to life.

Price: $14.99 – $21.99

Buy the Belle Princess Costume here.


  • Made from soft material
  • Available in toddler to big girl sizes
  • Fits as it should
  • Great price


  • Not an “official” Disney dress

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10. Best Dark Princess Costume: Dark Princess Child Costume

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California Costumes

Sometimes princesses aren’t as bright, shining, bubbly, and pink as they’re portrayed. There are lots of princesses interested in dark colors, focusing on the creepy, scarier part of Halloween.

Let your dark princess shine with this awesome Halloween costume. Choose from sizes small, medium, or large. If you’re really into it, help her with some dark costume makeup (get a set here), add some awesome shoes (like these boots here), and let her roam among her kingdom for candy.

Price: $30.28 – $45.96

Buy the Dark Princess Child Costume here.


  • Doesn’t have any girly colors
  • Features various materials to give an ethereal, dark look
  • Can easily be paired with other “dark” princess accessories


  • Only available in small, medium, and large

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