‘You’ve Heard of Elf on the Shelf’: Best ‘Now Get Ready For’ Memes & Jokes

Getty Elf on the Shelf isn't just for Christmas or parades any more. Now it's for memes too.

Just in time for the holidays, a new Elf on the Shelf meme is trending. People across the Internet are coming up with catchy rhymes to go with the theme: “You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for…” Many times, the last half of the phrase isn’t event included, leaving the viewer to try to guess what it means. Here are some of the best ideas circulating the Internet so far.

Here’s one big favorite:

Have you figure it out yet?

It’s Trump on a Stump. Political versions of this meme are especially popular. Here are some more:

This one was tough for some people to figure out:


If you’re having a tough time, it’s supposed to be Cruz on the Booze. But some people think it should be Killer on the Miller, because of the other meme that Cruz looks like the Zodiac Killer (no, they aren’t related.)

Then there’s this one:

(Bill on the Chill.)

Or this one.

Some of the best memes surround TV shows, like these for Rick and Morty: 

FacebookThis one was shared by Joshua Rivera on Facebook.

Here’s another version of the same one:

The “Rick on a Brick” one above is a favorite, but let’s not forget this one, shared on Reddit by u/rysterini.


It’s Jerry on a Berry!

Rick and Morty not your thing? How about Game of Thrones? This next one was shared on Reddit by King5lay3r.

Reddit/FreefolkShared by Kig5lay3r

Or maybe Community is more your style. So how about this one, shared on Reddit by u/BatsyIII.


It’s Abed in a bed!

And next up:


But maybe TV versions just aren’t your cup of tea. Is Pokemon more your style?

It’s Ash in the Trash!

Some are just based on every day items:

And last but not least:

What’s your favorite so far?

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