10 Best Candy Canes: Compare, Buy & Save (2018)

One of my absolute favorite parts of the window between Thanksgiving and the first of the year is the humble candy cane. I go for the classic peppermint, too. During that period of time, I eat one or two a day. My system works like this: I set my Christmas tree up as close to the day after Thanksgiving as possible, decorating it with my small collection of mostly wooden ornaments and two boxes of candy canes. The tree just isn’t complete without the classic red and white striped canes hanging on the boughs. While peppermint candy canes are of course the all-time classics, there is a larger world of rarer flavors to try. They range from the peppermint-adjacent to the flat-out puzzling.

To help you indulge your holiday sweet tooth, here are our picks for the top ten best candy canes.

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