Top 10 Best Christmas Garlands for 2017

christmas garland

When it’s finally time to deck the halls, there are a few staple types of decorations to pull out of storage. First there are the lights, of course. Then the boxes of tree ornaments, which are usually a mixture of family heirlooms and less precious colored balls. You might have some outdoor decorations, too. But aside from all those things, the image of actually decking the halls surely must include garland.

Garlands, be they strings of tinsel or tree boughs, are among the very first types of decorations for any celebration. The use of evergreen wreaths and garlands almost certainly predates the use of actual trees in yuletide festivities. These days, we still use evergreen-looking garland, but also beads, felt, and more.

Since I prefer rustic decorations, I have a garland made of twine with simple embellishments. You don’t have to stop there. You’ll need garlands for the outside of your home as well as the inside, and you’ll probably want at least one or two that are natural-looking and some that are a bit more exciting. Our list has both for you to consider.

In order to properly deck the halls, you’ll want to consider our list of the top ten best Christmas garlands for 2017.

1. National Tree Company Crestwood Spruce Garland

christmas garland

National Tree Company

Of course we have to start with the classic. This is a nine foot long emulated spruce garland, complete with silver bristle, pinecones, berries, glitter and lights. You can use this indoors and out, and there’s even a matching wreath to go along with it. This is a pretty complete option, ready to bring that touch of the holiday to any room. In addition to the spruce, you can get Wispy Willow, Carolina Pine, Norwood Fir, and more.

Price: $28.60

Buy the National Tree Company Crestwood Spruce Garland here.

2. Young Craft Hanging Holiday Tinsel Garland

christmas garland

Young Craft

There are really two camps when it comes to tinsel: those that hate it and those that don’t think it’s Christmas without it. Though I associate tinsel with the 1950s, believe it or not, tinsel was invented around 1610 in Germany. That’s a long tradition of decorating with this stuff. If you opt for this, you’ll have your choice of — count them — 28 different colors. The strands measure 12 feet long and can easily be strung together. They claim that they’re three inches wide, but anyone with a passing familiarity with tinsel garland knows that measurement is generous at best. Plan on buying a few for a full look.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Young Craft Hanging Holiday Tinsel Garland here.

3. BBTO Hanging Snowflake Ornaments Garland

christmas garland


The delicate fall of snowflakes always help set the scene for a white Christmas. These 3D paper snowflake garlands are just as lovely and ephemeral as actual snowflakes, being made of paper. Three sizes of snowflakes provide an interesting look along each of the four 9.8 foot garlands included in this pack.

Price: $10.99 (31 percent off MSRP)

Buy the BBTO Hanging Snowflake Ornaments Garland here.

4. Kurt Adler Plastic Ice Wire Garland

christmas garland

Kurt Adler

If you’re looking for something even more delicate-looking than the snowflakes above, try this ice wire garland. Great by itself or paired with another garland, this provides an elegant detail for your Christmas display. They’ll look especially good on your tree, but put them wherever you need just a hint of the season.

Price: $10.97

Buy the Kurt Adler Plastic Ice Wire Garland here.

5. Vickerman Flocked Alaskan Pine Garland

christmas garland


Following on from the National Tree Company options above, this heavily flocked pine garland brings the white Christmas to you. Aside from just emulating a brush with a winter storm, flocking has a rich look to it that enhances any decorative scene. Even better, these are lit with your choice of white or multi-colored Dura-Lit lights that stay lit even if some bulbs burn out. This measures nine feet in length. Northlight makes a wreath that will match nicely.

Price: $42.76 (7 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Vickerman Flocked Alaskan Pine Garland here.

6. Sea 2 Land Designs Starfish Costal Christmas Garland

christmas garland

Sea 2 Land Designs

As I discussed in our best wooden Christmas ornaments post, there’s just something delightful about a beach Christmas. It isn’t the same vibe as a snowy getaway in the mountains, but for coast dwellers in areas that don’t get much snow, it can still be very special. If that’s the kind of Christmas you’re looking forward to, this ten foot starfish garland will make the perfect complement. The starfish are hand tied together with twine, 12 to a string. If you go this route, don’t miss the Sand Dollar Glittered Ornaments to go along with them.

Price: $23.50

Buy the Sea 2 Land Designs Starfish Costal Christmas Garland here.

7. Sheep Farm Felt “Merry & Bright Gold” Handmade Felt Ball Christmas Garland

christmas garland

Sheep Farm Felt

Another charming handmade option, this felt ball garland introduces the classic colors of the holidays in a homespun, rustic way. The felt balls come spaced about three inches apart and are made of 100 percent wool from New Jersey sheep. The garlands measure nine feet long and are also available in “Vintage Christmas Gold” and “All the Jingle Bells & Whistles” color variations.

Price: $23.50

Buy the Sheep Farm Felt “Merry & Bright Gold” Handmade Felt Ball Christmas Garland here.

8. Bungalow Ikkis Elf Laundry Garland

christmas garland

Bungalow Ikkis

If you want something equally charming but just a bit more humorous, try this twist on Christmas garland. Rather than emulating something naturally-occurring or very shiny, this garland is made to look like an elf’s laundry line. Hung out to dry are gloves, a hat, stockings, pants, and a shirt. This measures only 48 inches, so it won’t cover your larger surfaces, but for the front of your tree or a small window, this should prove to be a hit.

Price: $16.99

Buy the Bungalow Ikkis Elf Laundry Garland here.

9. Factory Direct Craft Rustic Paper Clay Snowman and Snowflake Garland

christmas garland

Factory Direct Craft

The primitive snowman image has become a fixture of rustic Christmas decorating. This adorable garland features paper clay snowman heads on a length of wire. When first unboxed, it measure 24 inches, but can be stretched to 48 inches. If you prefer, they also make a version with cotton snowman heads on jute.

Price: $12.99

Buy the Factory Direct Craft Rustic Paper Clay Snowman and Snowflake Garland here.

10. Collections Etc. Lighted Christmas Poinsettia Garland

christmas garland

Collections Etc.

Would this list be complete without a mention of poinsettias? This is another classic garland choice, making it simple to display the plant year after year. Especially good for cat lovers who may otherwise be afraid to buy the real thing, this lighted garland measures 50 inches long and is also available in a white variety. At the end of each length is a connector that allows you to link several of them together.

Price: $12.99

Buy the Collections Etc. Lighted Christmas Poinsettia Garland here.

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