10 Best Christmas Garlands: Your Easy Buying Guide (2018)

When it’s finally time to deck the halls, there are a few staple types of decorations to pull out of storage. First there are the lights, of course. Then the boxes of tree ornaments, which are usually a mixture of family heirlooms and less precious colored balls. But aside from those, the image of actually decking the halls surely must include garland. Garlands, be they strings of tinsel or tree boughs, are among the very first types of decorations for any celebration. The use of evergreen wreaths and garlands almost certainly predates the use of actual trees in yuletide festivities. These days, we still use evergreen-looking garland, but also beads, felt, and more.

In order to properly deck the halls, you’ll want to consider our list of the top ten best Christmas garlands.

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