Top 10 Best Ninja Costumes for Halloween 2017

ninja costume

Classic costumes change over the years. Once upon a time, costumes were based on being of supernatural or folkloric origins, according to Wikipedia. By the 1930s, influences from media started to dominate. While the scary monsters are evergreen classics, other waves of popular costume ideas came from literature, radio, and television.

These include things like pirates, cowboys and ninjas. Derived from the shinobi of feudal Japan, the concept of this stealthy mercenary dates back to the 1100s, though their peak occurred through the 17th century. According to BuyCostumes, the ninja get up we all envision now comes from movies. Some of the influences have a root in history, but for the most part, when we seek to take on the appearance of a ninja, we’re calling up a litany of celluloid-captured outfits.

This list includes a variety of options for anyone from infant to adult. Just because there never really was any such thing as a ninja outfit doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun to don a Hollywood-invented costume and pretend.

For all you would-be assassins and sneaks, here’s our top ten best ninja costumes for Halloween.

1. Rubie’s Costume Co. Baby Ninja Costume

ninja costume


Our first option is for the two and under set. Nothing too complicated here, just a baby onesie and a matching hat. Don’t worry, those throwing stars are just screen printed on. Perfect, easy costume to throw on right before you head out trick-or-treating with your older kids.

Price: $20.99 to $33.80

Buy the Rubie’s Costume Co. Baby Ninja Costume here.

2. California Costumes Stealth Ninja

ninja costume

California Costumes

Speaking of older kids, this first option matches the one for infants, if you’re looking to coordinate. Otherwise, this red-trimmed outfit includes the jumpsuit, belt with the foam throwing stars attached, and the hood and face mask combination. If the throwing stars aren’t enough, you can add in this weapon set that comes with shoulder straps to be worn like a backpack.

Price: $24.99

Buy the California Costumes Stealth Ninja here.

3. La Mascarade Red Viper Ninja Costume

ninja costume

La Mascarade

Moving into Mortal Kombat territory, this costume is somewhat more involved, which might appeal to kids looking for something impressive. Still relying on the familiar black and red color scheme, this set includes a hooded overall, kimono sleeves and gaiters, tabard, waist sash, mask, and head covering. For weapons, try this Kangaroo Toy Ninja Weapons Kit.

Price: $24.95

Buy the La Mascarade Red Viper Ninja Costume here.

4. California Costumes Girls White Ninja Costume

ninja costume

California Costumes

For a slight change in color palette, try this option. It’s apparently aimed at girls, but there’s really nothing about it that makes it particularly gendered. This includes a few things other options don’t, combining the hooded tunic with gloves, arm and leg ties, and the mask. This one is also available in black. That rather absurd, video-game-style weapon is the California Costumes Ninja Assassin Blades and is sold separately.

Price: $15.96 to $84.00

Buy the California Costumes Girls White Ninja Costume here.

5. Leg Avenue Deadly Ninja Costume

ninja costume

Leg Avenue

Available in six sizes, this catsuit-based costume probably falls into the sexy category thanks mostly to the the low-cut front. The outfit includes the jumpsuit, waist sash, arm warmer gloves, and mask. The boots pictured are sold separately and can be found here. If you were hoping for something a little more revealing, this option from Ruble’s is along the same lines, while a matching men’s costume is here.

Price: $24.39 to $64.99

Buy the Leg Avenue Deadly Ninja Costume here.

6. InCharacter Women’s Ninja’s Mystique Costume

ninja costume


If red doesn’t cut it for you, replace the red detailing with the gold found on this option. This is a very complete costume and includes the dress with hood and front drape, chest wrap, belt, mask, gauntlets, leggings, and printed boot covers. The only thing you’ll need to complete this is actual footwear over which to put the covers and to choose a weapon — either a sword or sais. You can also pick this up in children’s sizes.

Price: $47.59 to $56.40 (51 to 59 percent off MSRP)

Buy the InCharacter Women’s Ninja’s Mystique Costume here.

7. Leg Avenue Women’s Cozy Ninja

ninja costume

Leg Avenue

While Leg Avenue tend to hang around the Sexyween area of things, they also offer this comfortable and casual option. It’s pretty basic, but if you just want something easy to wear, it’s worth considering. The main element of the costume is a fleece hoodie with a face mask built in. Accents are provided by the arm wraps and a foam sword held on with velcro. Grab some black leggings and shoes and you’re ready to roll.

Price: $27.14 to $60.00

Buy the Leg Avenue Women’s Cozy Ninja here.

8. InCharacter Costumes Men’s Ninja Warrior

ninja costume

This costume would pair well with the Mystique women’s costume above if you want to go as a ninja pair this year. Available in three sizes, this comes with the hooded tunic, pants, and shirt. Unfortunately, the gold sash isn’t included, nor is the mask and sword. Try this Costume Agent piece for the mask and have your pick of weapon from this ninja warrior play set.

Price: $56.86

Buy the InCharacter Costumes Men’s Ninja Warrior here.

9. Dreamgirl Men’s Ninja Warrior Costume

ninja costume


Despite being a little less than the previous option, this outfit includes a few pieces that one does not. You get the tunic, face mask, and knee pads, which is a pretty complete costume. The bits that aren’t included are the pants, any weaponry, and the gauntlets. You might consider pairing this with the Dreamgirl Women’s Just Kickin’ It costume that matches.

Price: $44.97

Buy the Dreamgirl Men’s Ninja Warrior Costume here.

10. Rubie’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hooded Jumpsuit

ninja costume


Look, human ninjas are all well and good. It’s probably the thing you envisioned when you started your search for a ninja costume. But everyone knows the greatest ninjas of all time were teenage, mutant, and turtles. These jumpsuits will work for just about anyone and all four turtles are available. Simple, easy, and comfortable, this is a good costume for those who just want to have some fun on Halloween.

Price: $24.55 to $39.99

Buy the Rubie’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hooded Jumpsuit here.

For more costume ideas, check out our Halloween category for posts from our whole team.

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