10 Rick and Morty Halloween Costumes for 2018 (Updated!)

Rick and Morty costumes


Rick and Morty is super popular adult cartoon show. It features Rick Sanchez, the smartest man in the universe–and a complete alcholic, who recently moved back into his daughter’s home. He befriends her son, Morty Smith, and they get into some insane adventures.

The show dives into awesome philosophical and scientific problems, and brings them to life in a hilarious, engaging manner. Of course, there are tons of other Rick and Morty characters (and various things Rick turns himself into) to make a costume out of.

If you’re still looking for Halloween ideas, then you should seriously consider a Rick and Morty costume. You could always go as one of the headline characters…or you could dress as someone super off-the-wall, like Scary Terry.

Without further ado, I’ve put together a list of the best Rick and Morty Halloween costume ideas. Check them out below!

1. Best Rick and Morty Costumes – Mr. Meseeks: Mr Meeseeks Unisex Two Piece

Rick and Morty Costumes


Mr. Meeseeks is a part of an alien population created to complete a single task–and then vanish off of the planet. These tasks are generally set for a short time-frame, so a day seems like a true eternity for a Meeseeks. If they are unable to complete said task, Meeseeks will literally go insane…making for a fun time on Halloween.

This Mr. Meeseeks costume is a two-piece, powder blue outfit. It’s made of lightweight cozy fleece, so you’ll be set whether you’re in hot or cold climates. The hands and feet are removable, so you can pair with some actual foot covers. This outfit will leave you saying, “Look at me!”

Price: $49.99

Buy the Mr Meeseeks Unisex Two Piece here.

2. Best Rick and Morty Costumes – Rick Sanchez: Adult Rick Sanchez Costume

rick and morty costumes


Rick Sanchez, of course, is one of the main characters. His crazy antics are exacerbated by his drinking problem–and insanely high IQ. With this Rick and Morty costume, you’ll receive a lab coat, a wig, and an adhesive unibrow. Throw in a portal gun (grab one here), and occasionally burp throughout the night, and you’ll have mastered Rick Sanchez.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Adult Rick Sanchez Costume here.

3. Best Rick and Morty Costumes – Scary Terry: Scary Terry Costume Robe

rick and morty costumes


Scary Terry is the Rick and Morty equivalent of Freddy Krueger. He’s just a misunderstood creature who was born to be scary–but he didn’t think he was scary enough–so he got very intense about his terrifying tactics. Just like Freddy, he affects your dreams. But, if he kills you while you sleep, you’ll merely wake up.

Putting together a Scary Terry look for a Rick and Morty costume is actually pretty easy. With this set-up you’ll receive a soft plush robe with an awesome hood. Just add some shoes (and some gray pants, if you’re not interested in going commando), and you’ll be screaming the B word after every sentence in no time.

Price: $49.99

Buy the Scary Terry Costume Robe here.

4. Best Rick and Morty Costumes – Morty: Morty Mask

rick and morty costumes


Morty is the other half of the Rick and Morty crew. He’s timid, shy, and a little bit stupid. But, he provides rationale and comic relief to the series. With this costume, you’ll receive the a Morty mask, so nobody can question who you are. Just add some jeans and a yellow shirt, and you’re set to go.

Price: $43.99

Buy the Morty Mask here.

5. Best Rick and Morty Costumes – Pickle Rick: Adult Pickle Costume

rick and morty costumes

These Colors Don’t Run

Of all of the things Rick turns himself into, Pickle Rick is easily one of the most popular. In order to get out of a family therapy session, Rick chose to turn himself into a pickle. After a series of unfortunate events involving a cat, the sewer system, and a cockroach, Rick managed to make himself an even more BA version of himself.

This costume is perfect for anyone interested in Rick and Morty costumes. It’s a t-shirt with a Pickle Rick face on it. For the full-effect, add in these blood and muscle sleeves a la Rick’s rat arms. Use of one of these blue mustaches, to add a Pickle Rick unibrow. Ditch the gloves, yell “I’m Pickle Riiiiiiiiick!” randomly, and you’re golden.

Price: $16.95

Buy the Pickle Rick Shirt here.

6. Best Rick and Morty Costumes – DIY Rick Sanchez: Rick and Morty Lab Coat Costume

rick and morty costumes


When it comes to Halloween costumes, especially Rick and Morty costumes, it can feel like the selection is a bit paltry. Instead of settling for something you aren’t super stoked about, create your own DIY Rick Sanchez costume. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Blue Wig
  • Portal Gun
  • Unibrow
  • Flask
  • If you’re really looking to get into the spirit of Rick, watch this video to learn how to burp.

    VideoVideo related to 10 rick and morty halloween costumes for 2018 (updated!)2017-10-06T13:36:43-04:00

    Price: $29.99

    Buy the Rick and Morty Lab Coat Costume here.

    7. Best Rick and Morty Costumes – DIY Tiny Rick: White School Lab Coat

    rick and morty costumes


    Tiny Rick is a special character in terms of Rick’s alter egos. Summer, Morty’s sister, asks Rick to come to their school to defeat a vampire, by turning himself into a high school-sized kid. At first he outright refuses, then he decides it’s a phenomenal idea. Get into the spirit of Rick and Morty costumes with this DIY Tiny Rick. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Blue Wig
  • Light Blue Shirt
  • Brown Pants
  • Portal Gun
  • Lab Coat
  • Tiny Rick is, well, tiny. These costume parts are specifically meant for a kid–because of Tiny Rick’s size–so it’s a perfect Rick and Morty costume for a young fan. In the same breath, though, this costume can easily be adjusted for an adult. Tiny Rick is in the house.

    Price: $12.95 – $19.95

    Buy the White School Lab Coat here.

    8. Best Rick and Morty Costumes – DIY Morty: Brown Wig

    Rick and Morty costumes


    Just like with the DIY Rick costume, some Morty costumes just don’t feel up to par. So, here are the pieces and parts you need, in order to create an awesome DIY Morty costume:

    Brown Wig
    Yellow T-Shirt
    Blue Pants

    Just toss in a few “oh jeez” or “oh mans” throughout the night, and you’ll channelling your inner Morty in no time.

    Price: $24.95 (58 percent off MSRP)

    Buy the Brown Wig here.

    9. Best Easy Rick and Morty Costumes: Rick and Morty Reversible Beanie

    rick and morty costumes


    If you’re down for a Rick and Morty costume, but aren’t a huge fan of, well, actual costumes, then you should seriously consider investing in a t-shirt. Instead of throwing something together you’re going to feel uncomfortable in, opt to get a Rick and Morty-themed shirt. Pair it with a portal gun, so nobody can give you crap about your non-dress-up attire. Easiest Rick and Morty costume on the planet.

    Price: $13.99

    Buy the Rick and Morty Rick/Morty Reversible Beanie here.

    10. Best Rick and Morty Costume for Babies: Rick and Morty Baby One Piece

    rick and morty costumes


    Love for Rick and Morty comes in many shapes and forms. Because it’s such a hilarious show that many Millennials and Gen Xers enjoy, it’s easy to see how it can spill into their lifestyles. These generations have or are starting to have children. So, if you’re going for a Rick and Morty costume theme for the whole family, you can’t forget about the little ones.

    This baby onesie comes in four colors, and is available in sizes newborn to 24-months. It features a snap crotch, with three reinforced closures. Plus, the shoulders, sleeves, and leg openings are double-stitched, in order to provide sturdiness in the garment. Match your little one with a Get Schwifty hat, for times when a Rick and Morty family costume isn’t appropriate. Deck out the whole fam!

    Price: $13.50

    Buy the Rick and Morty Baby One Piece here.

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