Top 10 Best Weed Gifts for any Holiday: Compare, Buy & Save

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So, you’ve ended up on this article because you’re in search of a weed gift. Perhaps this is a little “treat yourself” moment (thanks, Donna and Tom) because you’ve earned it. Or perhaps you’re searching for a present for your favorite pot head. Regardless of whether this is for you or someone else, take a second to consider a few things.

First, what is your budget? Weed gifts can range from a dollar, up to several-thousand bucks (and with the influx of glass art, they can push pretty high up there). Pick a number and stick to it–it’s too easy to drop some extra cash that you don’t have. Second, what exactly are you looking for? A smoking device, something to enhance the experience, or a downright cool accessory? If you don’t know, don’t sweat it. That’s why I’m here.

As a cannabis expert (they don’t call me Beccannabis for nothing), I’m here to bring you weed gifts that stoners actually want. No matter what you choose on this list, you won’t be disappointed.

So without further delay, here are the hands-down best weed gifts for any holiday. Peep it now.

1. Best Weed Gift – Glass: Grace Glass – Straight Ice Bong With Double Barrel Perc

best weed gifts, weed gifts


Coming in hot in the “things to smoke out of” category, a glass bong is always a solid weed gift. Because there are so many things to choose from (percs, height, shape, type of downstem, carb hole or not…) it can feel daunting. When it comes to glass pieces, simpler tends to be better–especially if this is a weed gift for someone else, or you’ve never owned a bong.

Grace Glass is well-known for their insanely high-quality pieces, and this Straight Ice Bong With Double Barrel Perc is no exception. Made with a detachable slitted diffuser, an 18.8 mm joint size, and a straight mouthpiece, it provides super smooth hits. A male joint and flower bowl, make it the perfect bong for dry herb. Plus, there’s a splash guard, so you won’t have to sample that nasty bong water. A glass bong is always an awesome weed gift.

Price: $99

Buy the Grace Glass – Straight Ice Bong With Double Barrel Perc here.

2. Best Weed Gift – Pipe: Incredibowl Pipe Mini

best weed gifts, weed gifts


I personally own an Incredibowl and it’s easily my favorite pipe on the planet. Before acquiring this awesome weed gift, I often used glass spoon pipes. Second to papers, they’re one of the most inefficient uses of bud. The Incredibowl, on the other hand, is exceedingly economical for your greens.

Featuring a removable bowl, when placed in the unit, it’s front-facing like a chillum. When you light the bud, it filters through a screen, and enters into a shatter-proof chamber. By the time it hits your lungs, it has cooled down significantly. Whether you prefer dry herb or concentrates, the Incredibowl is compatible with both. Available in so many colors, this is truly the perfect weed gift for just about anyone.

Price: $129.99

Buy the Incredibowl Pipe Mini here.

3. Best Weed Gift – Blunt Wraps: Juicy Jay Blunt Wraps

weed gifts, best weed gifts


Blunt wraps are like a godsend. Many of us grew up with Swisher Sweets or White Owls, cutting them open and dumping out the tobacco. While this works, it takes a lot more effort, and is much easier to screw up. So when blunt wraps hit the market, stoners rejoiced.

Juicy Jay is a super well-known name in the rolling paper game. As you could guess, they’re backed by the famous rapper. These babies are as flavorful as they come…with tons of varieties you might not have considered. Rather than that harsh tobacco taste when licking them, you’ll encounter a delicious flavor. Blunt wraps are always a fantastic weed gift, no questions asked.

Price: $26.51

Buy the Juicy Jay Blunt Wraps here.

4. Best Weed Gift – Lighter: Zippo Matte Lighter

best weed gifts, weed gifts


If there’s one universal thing you can give to a stoner, it might just be a lighter. Even for the concentrate hounds who love to dab their brains out, a lighter is always great to keep with you. After all, everyone loves smoking a J every once in a while, and boom. Lighter already on-hand.

Zippo, of course, is by far the most well-known company in the lighter industry. They produce high-quality, durable, wind-proof lighters, and this baby is no exception. It comes in loads of different colors and a matte finish (choose whether or not you’d like the “Zippo” logo included). The unit doesn’t come with lighter fluid, so grab some here to complete your weed gift.

Price: $14.70 (36 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Zippo Matte Lighter here.

5. Best Weed Gift – Grinder: Herb Grinder With Pollen Catcher

weed gifts, best weed gifts


Honestly, as far as as weed gifts go, you really can’t go wrong with a grinder. Just like with the above lighter, having a grinder on-hand is just plain helpful. You could always pick apart your greens, but grinding them truly makes your life easier. And, it allows you to collect a little magical thing called kief.

This Herb Grinder With Pollen Catcher has tons of awesome features. First, it doubles as a stash jar, so you can grind up a bunch of greens at once. And if you want to remove the storage portion, it easily transforms into a four-piece grinder. Razor sharp teeth grind your bud into the perfect pile of fluffiness, and kief collects in the bottom chamber. Give the weed gift of grinding.

Price: $29.97

Buy the Herb Grinder With Pollen Catcher here.

6. Best Weed Gift – Vaporizer: PAX 3 Vaporizer

weed gifts, best weed gifts


There are many ways to intake cannabis into your body. You can use common methods like glass and papers, but there are also vaporizers. In a nutshell, vaporizers heat your bud through convection or conduction heating, thus removing smoke. It’s a far healthier way to inhale weed.

As far as weed gifts go, this is the luxury class. The Pax 3 vaporizer is an incredible piece, compatible with both concentrates and dry herb. It allows you to vape in four different modes, each with different settings for varying situations. Heating up in 15-20 seconds, it’s one of the fastest times in the market. Choose from three different colors, and add on a case to keep this amazing weed gift safe. (Want more info on the Pax 3? Check out my in-depth review here!)

Price: $274.99

Buy the PAX 3 Vaporizer here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

Pax recently redid the way they sell the unit. You can now choose to purchase solely the device for $199.99. But, if you’d like to buy the whole set-up, including concentrate inserts, a multi-tool, screens, and a protective pouch, you can snag it for $249.99.

Price: $199.99 – $249.99

Buy the PAX 3 Vaporizer here.

7. Best Weed Gift – Dab Rig: Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Vapor Bubbler

best weed gifts, weed gifts


When it comes to toking on some cannabis, there are two ways to do so: With flower, and with concentrates. Flower is the green herb you associate with the plant. Concentrates, on the other hand, are a potent form of the plant that’s gone through an extraction process with a solvent, like CO2 or butane. Also known as dabs, concentrates require special equipment.

So if you know the person you’re purchasing this weed gift for enjoys dabs, then I highly recommend this dab rig. Backed by Snoop Dogg himself, this Spaceship Vapor Bubbler is made from thick, quality borosilicate glass. It features a narrow mouthpiece, bent neck, and fixed showerhead diffusor downstem, to create the smoothest of hits. As far as weed gifts go, this baby is A1.

In order to dab, you need something called a dabber. Grab one here, to make it the ultimate weed gift.

Price: $219.99

Buy the Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Vapor Bubbler here.

8. Best Weed Gift – Stash Bag: Locking Stash Bag with Odor Control

best weed gifts, weed gifts


You can make a stash box of just about anything. Shoebox? Yep. Plastic container? Of course. Old cigar box? You got it. The list goes on-and-on. But, the one thing all of these homemade stash boxes lack is odor-free properties. That’s to say, they don’t contain the smell very well.

The Locking Stash Bag with Odor Control fixes that issue entirely. In addition to being smell-resistant, it also comes with odor absorbing packets, a charging port, and a strain journal. Plus, you can lock all of your goodies safely inside, with a programmable combination lock. Available in two colors (black and beige). Give the weed gift of being smell-free.

Price: $69

Buy the Locking Stash Bag with Odor Control here.

9. Best Weed Gift – Extractor Machine: Magical Butter Botanical Extractor

weed gifts, best weed gifts


In order to intake cannabis into your body, it doesn’t just have to be through your lungs. Instead, you can absorb it through your digestive tract. To do so, you must consume edibles. Edibles are food that has been infused with oil or cannabutter. You can make both of these products at home, by hand. But, it’s infinitely easier to use an extractor machine.

I want to thank the team over at Magical Butter for sending me a Magical Butter Botanical Extractor. It’s hands-down the best time I’ve had making cannabutter. It’s as simple as decarboxylating the cannabis, adding in the butter (I’m allergic to casein and have to use dairy-free butter, and it works just as well as the “regular” kind!), hitting a few buttons, and waiting.

From there, I had to separate the herb from the butter. With the provided PurifyFilter and LoveGlove, I was able to squish out every last drop of butter into the molds. After an overnight stint in the fridge, it was ready to go. No questions asked, I highly recommend this as a weed gift.

Price: $174.95

Buy the Magical Butter Botanical Extractor here.

10. Best Weed Gift – Smoke Filter: Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter

weed gifts, best weed gifts


Cannasseurs, as a general rule of thumb, prefer to purchase cool things for themselves….at the sacrifice of potential necessities. Those necessities being ways in which to cover up smoke. Yeah, Febreze covers up the smell, but it doesn’t get rid of it. “Catching” the smoke with a filter is the best way to do so.

The Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter is easily the best weed gift for elimination of smoke. It contains most of the smell, making everyone in the surrounding area happy. Pair this odor-removing spray with the the use of the Smoke Buddy, and the air is bound to be much less odiferous.

Price: $11.65 (42 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter here.

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