Is Costco Open New Year’s Eve 2017 & Day 2018? [Hours Near Me]


Last-minute shopping is a holiday tradition for many people. Whether you’re hosting family and friends for New Year’s Day or you’re bringing food as a guest to a friend’s New Year’s Eve party, no one’s immune from forgetting something important. And considering its wide selection, Costco is often the perfect one-stop-shop. But many stores are closed on New Year’s Eve and Day, which can make grabbing something last-minute more difficult. Many shoppers are wanting to know if Costco is open for New Year’s. For those of you who are shopping at the last-minute or remember something you needed for a recipe that you forgot all about, we have some good news and some bad news.

On New Year’s Eve, Costco stores will be open, but on New Year’s Day all Costco stores will be closed. These are chainwide hours to allow employees to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones. So of course, we should be glad for the employees and give Costco some praise for putting the holiday and their employees ahead of profit. If you need to shop on New Year’s Eve, Costco will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., your local time. Yes, the story is opening an hour early to give you a little extra time to shop and make up for being closed on New Year’s Day.

But if you’re planning to go on New Year’s Eve, don’t delay. Many Costco locations were already getting packed the day before New Year’s Eve, according to social media posts. So factor in some extra time to find parking and to shop, And don’t be surprised if some of the things you normally buy might not be in stock.

If you’re looking for something at the last minute on New Year’s Day, consider giving Walgreens or HEB or Safeway a try. Some local locations will be open, but you’ll need to call ahead. However, if Costco is your favorite, you’re probably better off just stopping by on New Year’s Eve.

Despite being closed on New Year’s, Costco will be open the next day, operating for its regular hours. Click here to find a Costco location near you.