Is Safeway Open on New Year’s Eve 2017 & Day 2018? [Hours Near Me]


While you’re getting ready to celebrate the New Year, it’s also the time when you suddenly remember that you need to buy last-minute ingredients for a New Year’s recipe, or you need to pick up an appetizer or dessert for that New Year’s Eve party you’re visiting. This is a holiday meant to spend with family and friends, either curled up warm at home in front of a roaring fire or out partying with friends, saying goodbye to the old year and getting ready to start 2018 on a brand new, fresh slate.  But just because you intend to enjoy the holidays doesn’t mean that you won’t suddenly realize that you forgot something for tomorrow’s meal. Will Safeway be open this year to help you? Well, we have some good news for you.

Yes, most Safeway stores are open on New Year’s Eve 2017 and New Year’s Day 2018. In fact, the only day that most Safeway stores are closed during the year is Christmas Day. Safeway is typically open on Sundays and Mondays from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. However, there’s always a chance that your closest location might have more limited hours on New Year’s Day or New Year’s Eve. To know for certain, you should call the local Safeway nearest you and check on their holiday hours. By the way, if you happen to be reading this in Canada, Safeway stores are typically open on New Year’s Day there too.

If you’re getting your groceries delivered to you from Safeway via Instacart, you’ll want to know if your store might have limited hours when you’re placing your order on the app. Even if it’s operating regular hours, there will likely be fewer shoppers working because of the holiday, and there might be more people putting in last-minute orders so they don’t have to go to the grocery store on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. So get your order in as early as possible to make sure that you can get your delivery. You don’t want to be logging into the app at the last minute, only to discover that no one’s available and there’s no way to get your order delivered before your local Safeway closes. And there’s also always the possibility that they’ll run out of whatever you want to order. The shelves can get pretty cleared out for New Year’s in some locations.

You might want to arrive early just so you can avoid the crowd. If past years are any indication, some Safeways are going to get really busy for the New Year’s holiday. Have a great New Year’s and stay safe!