Is Golden Corral Open On Easter 2018?

Is Golden Corral Open On Easter, Golden Corral Easter 2018


Yes, Golden Corral restaurants are open today, on Easter, and they are operating with normal hours. According to TIME, Golden Corral is offering their buffet as usual and are open for dining in or taking out.

Buffet items include: Grilled-to-order Steak, Carrot Cake, Rice, Yeast Roll, Pizza, Pot Roast, Rotisserie Chicken, Bourbon Street Chicken, Mashed Potatoe, Fried Chicken, Meatloaf, Chocolate Fondue, Baked Beans, Corn on the Cob, Ice Cream, Pudding and Pie.

Don’t forget your military ID if you’re looking for a military discount on price.

Tons of restaurants are open on Easter and have special menus. Other restaurants open on Easter include Applebee’s, TGIFridays, Buffalo Wild Wings, Outback Steakhouse, White Castle and Red Lobster.

Aside from eateries, on Easter Sunday, it can be difficult to find a lot of places that are open. When it comes to gas stations, many 24-hour establishments are open for the holiday, while other free-standing stations might be closed. It’s best to fill up your tank as soon as you spot an open gas station.

Convenience and miscellaneous stores open on Christmas Day include Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Sheetz and Family Dollar. To find a Rite Aid near you, you can use the store locator here to search the store locations. State liquor stores are mainly closed, so it’s important to stock up ahead of time if you’re hoping to purchase some alcohol. Certain states, like Massachusetts, keep their liquor stores open for the day.

Denny’s is one of the major chain restaurants that is open all year round and it is generally open 24 hours a day. Other restaurants and eateries that are reportedly open for Christmas Day include Boston Market, participating TGIFriday’s locations, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starbucks. Applebee’s has most of its locations closed, but in high-traffic areas like its Times Square location, Applebee’s is reported to be open.

Another big buffet option is the Old Country Buffet, buffet items include a Salad Bar, Fresh-Made Macaroni and Cheese, Hand-Breaded Fried Chicken, Fried Fish, Baked Chicken, Baked Fish, a Dessert Station, Soup, Mashed Potatoes, Rice and Gravy, Fresh Vegetables, French Fries and Corn Bread Dressing. Menus vary by location and occasion. To find an Old Country Buffet near you, check out the store locator here.

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