Prank Phone & Text Messages for April Fools’ Day 2018

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It’s April Fools’ Day, which happens to land on Easter this year. Text messaging is an easy way to prank your loved ones, friends or relatives this year. If you haven’t had time to plan any tricks or jokes ahead of time, it’s a great way to pull one over on someone without a ton of effort. Here’s some ideas for pranking people via text.

– Grab a loved one’s cell phone and change all the names in their contacts. Or, you can pick and choose what you want to change …

– Are you trying to pull a prank on your parents? This is a good one to try out. It should be interesting to see what kind of responses you get. Write a message asking them about STD’s. Ask your parents if you think you might have given someone an STD, would it be illegal to not notify them. Basically any STD related question to a parent will definitely go over as a good prank.

– This one’s pretty messed up, but if you’re a little evil, go for it. Block your phone number or text from someone else’s cell phone and cause panic in one of your friends. But, be warned this one could definitely cause problems though or backfire on you. Text someone that you “made out with” their boyfriend or girlfriend and say that you felt bad not telling them. When they ask who you are, avoid the question. Simply write, “I’m sorry,” or “I can’t tell you,” or something along those lines.

– Here is another good text for your parents on April Fools’ Day. You decide for yourself how long you want to keep them thinking that you’re buying drugs … Write them one of these messages and let the fur fly, “Got 3 grams for you,” or “Picked up a dime bag.” Follow one of those up quickly with, “Never mind, wrong text.”

– Telling people you’re pregnant with a little backstory is always a good and classic joke. Another similar kind of prank is pretending you got engaged.

– Fake a weird subscribers list. This is an idea featured on Tumblr. Text someone a random fact and follow it up with thanking them for a being a subscriber after they reply. An example is “Did you know that hamburgers got their name from Hamburg, Germany where the Hamburg steak is from?” After the person’s reply, write, “Thank you for subscribing to Hamburger Facts Daily: Everything You Need to Know. Please press 5 to unsubscribe.” If they press 5, then write, “Action not recognized. You cannot unsubscribe until your contract ends.” You don’t necessarily have to do this exact idea. You could do “Daily Sex Facts” or “Donald Trump Facts Daily”, etc. Block your number or text someone random and make up something that they are supposedly subscribed to. Be creative.

– If you’re a dog walker, a neighbor, a roommate or just a close friend, this is a good prank to pull. Pretend you’re at the other person’s house and there’s a fire or a catastrophe has happened. Wait for the panic after your round of questions and statements.

– Faking your death via text. It’s pretty messed up, but if you’re a jerk, then this could be a good way to go. However, if you believe in karma, maybe you should go another way.