IHOP Is International House of Burgers: Best Memes & Reactions

International House of Burger memes

IHOP International House of Burger memes

In an announcement that has left quite a few people very confused, IHOP is now International House of Burgers. When the name change to IHOB was first announced, most people thought it meant International House of Breakfast. But no, the store is now named International House of Burgers (but this is likely just temporary.) Read on for more details and to see some of the best memes and GIFs about the new name.

This doesn’t make sense to some people, since IHOP is known for its specialty in pancakes and breakfasts. Many people don’t go to IHOP for the store’s burgers. In fact, there are a lot of burger stores out there already. By focusing on breakfast, IHOP was more unique. Well, it turns out that IHOP really does want to get people to think about their store in terms of more than just breakfast, with the hope that this will increase the number of people who visit.

But a lot of people just don’t get the change.

So now we have International House of Burgers. The email released this morning announcing the change reads: “Calling all burger lovers. Yes, burgers. We’re introducing a brand-new line of Ultimate Steakburgers that you will love. In fact, we’re so serious about our delicious, new burgers that we changed our name to IHOb. As the International House of Burgers, we’re proud to serve you All-natural, 100% USDA Choice, Black Angus Beef steakburgers with unlimited fries and a drink *starting at just $6.99. It’s a burger lover’s dream come true.”

People are getting really passionate about the name change.

Well, one person had a better idea:

Guess it could be worse:

And other restaurants are getting in on the fun.

Reports are indicating that the name change is just temporary, so don’t worry. IHOP will be back soon enough.