How to Make Turkey Gravy From Scratch

Turkey Gravy

Wikimedia - Kevin Walter - Turkey Gravy in a gravy boat.

Although you can just use store-bought gravy for your Thanksgiving dinner this year, it is easy to make turkey gravy from scratch. Though there are more complicated turkey gravy recipes, that take a while to cook and develop flavor, there is a quick gravy recipe you can throw together at the end of your Thanksgiving meal prep, just before serving your dinner.

After you have cooked and carved your turkey, don’t dispose of the turkey juices that dripped to the bottom of the pan. Once you remove any bones or large turkey pieces from the liquid, move the pan to your stovetop. This will become your turkey gravy.

Betty Crocker has a “foolproof” recipe for making your turkey gravy this way, that has 4.5 stars after over 90 ratings. The recipe, which takes only 10 minutes to make, only needs two kitchen staples in addition to the drippings: flour and water. Over medium heat, you slowly add the flour and water, stirring consistently, until the gravy is at your desired consistency.

For the complete recipe, click here.

Pro tip: shake the flour evenly, and in small increments, over the liquid, to avoid floury lumps in the finished gravy. If you dump the flour in all at once, it will be much harder to get the right consistency when mixing.

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