Instagram Is Down & Won’t Load for iPhone & Android Users



Instagram is down for thousands of users. The app will not load on either iPhone and Android products. According to Down Detector, reports of issues with the app started coming in at 7:49 a.m. Eastern. Just around the 8 a.m. Eastern hour, hundreds of Instagram outages had been reported. The site’s outage map showed that the most reports have come from Europe and the east coast of the United States.

Users who have reported problems via Down Detector have had issues loading their general news feed. A smaller percentage have reported issues logging in. The Instagram outage is affecting both the mobile app and the desktop version.

If you open the app on your phone, you may notice that your homepage spins for a while. Some people are noticing that Instagram posts aren’t showing up and are just appearing blurry. If you refresh the page, nothing happens.

Clicking on your activity — the heart along the bottom toolbar — may also cause frustration, even if the rest of your Instagram seems to be working fine. The page reads “couldn’t load activity” for some users. A refresh will cause the same constant spinning at the top.

Some of those who have been able to access their homepage have noticed that Instagram stories won’t play. Clicking on an Instagram story has been causing more delays and will show just a gray screen at times. This problem seems to be intermittent.

Many Instagram users have taken to Twitter to check if the app is down and to vent about their frustrations about not being able to check the app at this time.

“So this is me checking Twitter to see if Instagram is down,” wrote one Twitter user.

“#instagram decided it was the right time to go down just when I decided to update my MacBook software what am I supposed to do now? study? #instagramdown,” tweeted another.

There are also reports that Facebook is down. The site doesn’t appear to be loading and when clicking the “refresh” button, some users are receiving an error message.

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