Is Mail Delivered on Christmas Eve & Day 2018?

Is Mail Delivered Today


All post offices and federal offices of any kind will be closed for the Christmas holiday, which means that no businesses nor homes will get mail on Christmas Day. This also counts out USPS packages. Because Christmas is a federal holiday, all federal offices are closed. However, all federal workers are still paid for the day. Fedex and UPS will be closed as well, which means no packages will be delivered.

UPS and Fedex will be closed for the day as well. In fact, you can check out the entire holiday schedule for Fedex here. According to the official Fedex schedule, “Supply order deliveries (envelopes, boxes, tubes, airbills, etc.) may be delayed for customers and FedEx locations during Thanksgiving week and the three weeks before and during Christmas. If you have an extreme shipping supply emergency during these weeks, please contact your nearest staffed FedEx Express location.” This includes all Express, Ground, Home Delivery, and Smart Post shipping for Fedex. And, any packages that are already in transit, will remain in transit until Friday, when Fedex reopens. When it comes to UPS, though it is closed and not operational, UPS Express Critical is still available, according to the official UPS site. On Christmas Eve, some services, including home delivery may be shut down as well.

When it comes to Christmas Eve for simple mail delivery, it may be a different story. Post offices may operate on holiday hours or choose to close early, but mail delivery will still be going on for Christmas Eve.

In addition to Christmas Day, other holidays on which mail is not delivered include:

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday
Washington’s Birthday (President’s Day)
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day

Most banks will be closed as well since they are observing the holiday today too.

On years where Christmas falls on a Sunday, post offices observe the holiday on Monday, December 26th instead. So, people will have to wait one more day to receive your mail.

All federal offices are closed down on Christmas Day. Government offices and the courts will also be shut down. All libraries are closed, and trash collection should pick back up the following day, on December 26th. Banks are closed today as well. As far as school closings go, they are all closed on Christmas Day and many are on holiday break until after the New Year, unless otherwise noted by the individual school district. Some schools may choose to make up snow days or flood days during their holiday break. Most pharmacies are closed for the Christmas holiday as well. In many areas, parking meters may be free and there are also a ton of sales, freebies and restaurant deals going on. Stores will be flooded on Christmas Eve, with people hoping to pick up last-minute gifts, so keep that in mind when venturing out.

Local, state and federal offices are all closed for the holiday on Christmas Day. This means that the stock market is definitely closed as well. And, though banks are closed on Christmas Day, online banking and ATM’s will still be working. Any bank transactions, however, may not post until the next business day.