Is Taco Bell Open on Christmas 2018?

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Christmas is finally here, and for many of us, that means grabbing last minute presents and stocking stuffers. With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, little time is left for us to really prepare that delicious Christmas meal. Unfortunately, tacos aren’t on the menu this year. Most Taco Bell restaurants will be closed on Christmas Day 2018.

Luckily, Taco Bell stores will be open on Christmas Eve, and the day after Christmas. Before bundling up and heading out, though, be sure to check the location of a Taco Bell near you by clicking here.

As many people know, Taco Bell is a fast-food Tex-Mex restaurant. The chain was founded in 1946, and has been thriving ever since, operating in countries like Australia, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Greece, India, Japan, and more, today. What can you find at your local taco bell? Everything from tacos, burritos, and quesadillas to nachos, and other items.

The first Taco Bell restaurant was officially opened by John Bell in California in 1962. Bell started the business by selling tacos at a stand called Taco-Tia. He then went on to found a series of restaurants called El Taco, which he sold to his partner who built the first-ever Taco Bell.

By 1967, Taco Bell had 100 restaurants across the country. As of 2014, there were over 5,600 restaurants across the US.

While Christmas dinners vary by country, tacos aren’t usually on one’s plate when it comes to Santa’s big day. Christmas dinner, which for some families is celebrated on Christmas Eve and for others is honored on the 25th, is a significant part of families gathering to celebrate the holiday.

People all over the world have been celebrating Christmas for two millenia. First coined the Feast of Nativity, the custom was celebrated in Egypt in 432, and in England by the end of the 6th century.

In the US, the day has been a federal holiday since 1870.