Do Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Grubhub Deliver on Christmas Eve & Christmas 2018?


It’s Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and maybe you just don’t feel like cooking. Or you don’t have a family to share the holiday with, so you want to treat yourself with food delivery. Can you order delivery from Uber Eats, Grubhub, or Doordash today? Read on for details about all three.

Yes, Uber Eats is offering food delivery on Christmas Eve and Day 2018. In fact, Uber Eats delivers on all major holidays if delivery drivers are available. Last year, Uber published a blog about restaurants open on Thanksgiving and ended the blog by saying, “Thanksgiving means something different to every family—whether it’s turkey and karaoke or guacamole and board games, Uber Eats is there to save the day if (or when) things in the kitchen go awry.”  You can order from Uber Eats at this link or through the app. And you can get discounts from Uber Eats on RetailMeNot.

Grubhub is also offering food delivery on Christmas Eve and Day 2018. Grubhub, just like Uber Eats, delivers on all major holidays if delivery drivers are available. Back in 2013, Grubhub released a study Thanksgiving orders. The most likely candidates for takeout on Thanksgiving Day were Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, Lansing Michigan, and Chicago. And last year, Grubhub shared what Americans were ordering on Thanksgiving day, Fox 5 reported.  The most popular dish the day before the holiday was cheese pizza or orange chicken. But on the holiday itself, pancakes were especially popular. Maybe this can give you some ideas for your Christmas order.

You can order from Grubhub at this link or through the app. Check out RetailMeNot for coupons.

Doordash is also offering food delivery on Christmas Eve and Day 2018. You can order from DoorDash at this link or from their app. And you can get discounts from DoorDash on RetailMeNot.

Tips for holiday orders: Keep in mind that there will be fewer restaurants open today (especially on Christmas), so your options will be more limited no matter what delivery service you use. In addition, you may have a longer wait, depending on how many people are ordering from the more limited number of available restaurants, and depending on how many drivers are working today. Some restaurants may also have limited hours on Christmas, so you’ll want to check that and make sure you get your order in before the restaurant closes.

But delivery is still a great way to treat yourself on this holiday, so go ahead and make your order. Just make sure the restaurant you want to order from is open, and that you account for a possible longer wait time before your food arrives.

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