Birthday Cake-Flavored Products at Cumberland Farms: Yum or No?

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Ah, 2019, the year Cumberland Farms turns 80. Cumberland Farms, better known to locals as “Cumbie’s”, is an East Coast staple. As a kid you walk down the street to your local Cumbie’s to get your slushie after school and go hang out with your friends.

As an adult you pull in every morning and get your huge coffee and race to work. Cumberland Farms is everyone’s favorite (and most convenient) gas station and convenience store.

Started in 1939 with “a dream and a cow” in Rhode Island, Cumberland Farms has slowly grown into one of the country’s leading privately-held convenience and gas station retailers. Cumbie’s has a large selection of convenience store products including pre-made food, a soda fountain, personal care items, and home care items.

Present and thriving in the Northeast and Florida, Cumbie’s is really excited to celebrate their accomplishments and their birthday. So what are they doing? Birthday treats! Oh yeah, we’re talkin’ about new birthday flavored products.

Cumby’s Birthday Blast Bar

Let’s be real, what’s better than birthday cake products? Anything involving cake is an automatic yes in everyone’s book. Cumberland Farms took this opportunity to capitalize on it’s birthday by giving us something we didn’t ask for, but are happy about.

The yummy new products include the Birthday Blast Premium Cookie Bites, Whoopie Pie, chocolate bars, and an ice cream. All birthday cake flavored. Every dessert has a little twist on the usual birthday flavors, but it also includes sprinkles so we can excuse it.

Whoopie birthday blast

Anyone who wants to go celebrate with Cumberland Farms you can go to any of the the brand’s retail locations now through February 26th and can receive a The Chocolate Bar, Whoopie Pie and Cookie Bites are for 99 cents each and a pint of birthday cake ice cream for $3.99.

Ultimate Scoop Birthday Blast

I think we all know what we’re getting, right? Some birthday cake Cookie Bites sound like absolute heaven. Then again, what about the Whoopie Pie? The cream filling… maybe I changed my mind.

Go try them out for yourself the next time you’re out at a Cumbie’s. When you’re standing in the long line and decide maybe you should grab another thing, let it be the birthday celebration line.

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