How Pedophiles Silently Took Over Social Media


MAP’s, Minor Attracted People, also known as pedophiles, have long been present on the internet. Peaking on Tumblr pre-December 2018, when all of their child porn was finally taken down. Their blogs ended up being deleted on their own after a lot of shaming from other users.

Tumblr never addressed this issues which had been a continuous complaint from Tumblr users. After the Tumblr NSFW purge, MAP’s needed a new platform to form their community.

Their new platform of choice is Twitter.

First, let’s get into what MAP’s are, and the various types of MAP’s. MAP is an acronym for “minor attracted person”. There are also NMAPS or NoMAPS which are “non offending minor attracted people”. In the community there is a large distinction.

Non-offending MAPs would be pedophiles who do not consume child porn nor harm children. Regular MAP’s would be consuming child porn but not always actively harming children directly.

Once switching to Twitter people started to become more familiar with the community. They have obviously not been welcomed with open arms and have had call out threads made so that people know who to block.

The most interesting thing about the MAP community is that they are not all adults. Teenagers as young as 15 identify as MAP’s, meaning they are attracted to smaller children. On some MAP profile you can find the acronym “AOA”, meaning “age of attraction”, followed by an age range. This can be especially harmful if they are also following people in their specified age range.

IMG_0715 (1)

Even more disturbing, there are minors who consider themselves allies to the MAP community and think that what they do and who they are is not inherently wrong. That as long as they are not offending they deserve advocates. It must not be overlooked that these are minors advocating for societal norms to change and allow pedophiles to live their lives freely, doing what they must as long as no one gets hurt.

Of course, the MAP community is a controversial community but diving even deeper in, you can find parallels between profiles. Not many are older men, most are YA or teenagers. Some on the LGBTQ+ spectrum and some having autism, this is proclaimed loudly in their bio’s in order to find a group within their new community. People who will understand them further than just their shared title of “pedophile”.


The MAP community is both an interesting and stomach-churning community to observe. Most if not all refrain from posting child porn, and usually just advocate for mental health services for non-offending pedophiles. That may be a valid point as there is not much, if any, mental health resources for pedophiles.


Hopefully with this community around, we can understand deeply that we need to now more than ever be careful on the internet. To be careful who we’re talking to and who we interact with. You never know who is lurking in the shadows, ready to engage in a conversation you are not prepared for.