Move Out of The Way Boys, It’s a Girl’s Game Now.

Veronica Popa

Veronica Popa owner of Camversity

Meet Veronica Popa, the intelligent and sexy cam model turned owner who founded Camversity, a new live streaming platform that’s quickly becoming the most popular platform for insanely famous models.

Stars that include Lena The Plug, an internet famous YouTube vlogger who has over 1.7 million fans on Instagram alone. Camversity allows almost all content, unlike other streaming sites who demand certain content of models. On Camversity almost anything is fair game.

Models have the freedom to do whatever they want to do in front of their own webcam. You can literally monetize just being who you are. You’re completely free to just be yourself on Camversity, whether you’re a fitness guru, makeup artist or personal chef.

In Veronica’s own words, “I started Camversity because I’m sick of men profiting off of women. Other streaming sites, they treat women like a commodity, and I treat them like people. No one should be able to censor models and no one can censor me”.

Camversity takes fandom to the next level baby! Most of the models on the site have huge followings on social media and through Camversity they’re able to monetize their content easily while starving fans get real time access through video and chat. It’s almost as if they’re getting person attention, and that’s enough for them

Through social media promotion, Instagram stories and tweets, thousands of followers will log on to Camversity to watch someone like Lena give relationship advice, play computer games, and cook. All of which she does on her YouTube channel. The selling point for fans is being able to be acknowledged by their favorite person.

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Having been a successful camgirl on other sites and now as owner of her own company, Veronica knows the really dirty side to the camming industry. That knowledge paid off. Now the money is rollin’ in fast as hell.

The site launched in June 2018. In less than eight months the site has over 2 million visitors per month and has made over 3.5 million dollars in revenue. That’s pretty telling if you ask me.

Camversity offers an all HD platform that allows you to watch without a plugin or app. Fans from all over the world can connect to their favorite model using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with literally no lag at all.

Now queue the money. With the ability to almost directly interact with fans and do what you want to do and what they want to see, the money can start coming in quickly. With direct encouragement from Veronica it’s super easy to feel comfortable and empowered.

In a profession where it’s so easy to be exploited by men, Veronica is not only a breath of fresh air but also a champion for sex workers.

“No other streaming site has a owner like me. I work day and night right alongside these models. I listen to every single woman on the site, helping and supporting them in any way, from career advice to tech issues. I dare anyone to say the same about any male CEO in this industry,”

Veronica Popa is about to help take over the camming world. Not only would it help women stay safe but it would also keep them from being exploited by other platforms. At the end of the day, with Camversity Veronica just wants you to feel safe, comfortable, and respected. Who wouldn’t want that?

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