What You Need to Know About Pouya & Young Baby Coco

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In 2016, Kevin Pouya, 25, dropped his first official album, “Underground Underdog” under the Buffet Boys label. The Miami-born SoundCloud rapper is of Cuban and Iranian heritage.

Also known as Baby Bone, Pouya dropped out of high school to become a rapper. He met Fat Nick, also a dropout, and the two created Buffet Boys. They also had a comedy show on YouTube, The Nick and Pouya Show, back in the day.

Pouya has a big following on SoundCloud closing in on half a million subscribers. He’s also big on Twitter and Instagram. He’s an influencer in part because of his music, but also just who he is as a person: relatable.

Pouya is known for doing outrageously kind things for his fans, like driving them to and from school.

In 2018 he released a banger of an album titled “Five Five”. The album starts with the song “Aftershock” which immortalizes his love for Florida. He says he wants to die in the same place he always lived and loved, his old crib with his whole family.

Pouya is known to suffer from depression and shares his feelings openly on Twitter, as does his girlfriend Coco.

Pouya Advocates for Transparency & Often Tweets About His Feelings & Pain

Pouya is open about his feelings affect him and how deeply things can hurt and his fans respond to that. As a now successful hip-hop artist, he couldn’t have done this all on his own though. Behind every powerful man is an incredibly strong woman. Pouya’s partner in crime and personal angel is Young Baby Coco.

As she writes in her Instagram, “This is the world’s most selfless generous sensitive kind pure and empathetic man. He is the type to pull over for someone who’s having car trouble, Pay for the man behind him in line grocery’s at the store. The type to give his last dollar to a loved one if it meant they are protected. The type that couldn’t even hurt a fly.”

“My angel!!!!!! I love you more than I love anything , Kevin!!!!! I love how you smell breathe think speak walk sleep. Besides being a lyrical genius you have the most beautiful heart i ever have and ever will ever know. I fell in love with you the second you got my number from P lol. I will never leave your side — don’t worry. I know it’s scary and we have fear but I’m never ever going to be away from you or your side. You deserve the entire world and I’ll make sure I get it to you one way or another!!!! Thank you for keeping me alive!!!! I promise you will never be without me. Happy birthday my king 💕 court.”

Coco, a Beautiful & Smart Businesswoman With Stage 3 Cancer Stands Firmly Next to Her Man, Not Behind Him

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Coco isn’t just a typical rapper wifey, she runs Baby Coco Lash, a company where you can buy gorgeous fake eyelashes; “THE WORLD’S MOST NATURAL-SEXY EVERY DAY LASH. 100% CRUELTY-FREE, HANDMADE, LASHES. 10+ WEARS PER PAIR!”

Tragically, Coco has stage 3 Sarcoma cancer.

Throughout her battle Coco has tried to remain positive and hopeful. She refers to herself as a golden retriever in a humans body because she’s as happy and cheerful as she can be. Through chemo, losing all of her hair, not being able to travel, and much much more, she still had infinite hope. Spending holidays in the hospital with Pouya, or as she calls him, Kevin, is what helped get her through.

“Kevin Pouya spent his thanksgiving last year in a hospital chair watching me get chemo. This man is my hero!!!!!!! Please give thanks for your health if you have it!!! Please send us your prayers for my upcoming tests!!! please tell your loved ones how much you love them!!!! I LOVE YOU KEVIN AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU. WE HAVE COME SO FAR AND I COULD NEVER FIGHT THIS FAR WITHOUT YOU.”

After learning about her infertility she said, “…heartbreaking for someone my age but least i’m alive so i’m :) -ing. love you guys.”

Coco and Pouya are both the best type of role models: strong, kind, loving, and transparent.

Meanwhile, Pouya has a mixtape dropping on February 18th and more music coming all 2019. Be sure to check out his music, it’s pretty dope.